Level Info

Ragewolf and the Mysterious Birch Grove Quest Info


Bonedeth, Dark Hero (Ragewolf)

Next Level

Proving Grounds and Crescent Moon, Birch Bonedeth Brigade (Optional)

Previous Level

Traverse the Field of Giants!

Background Music

Zunzunzun's Theme

Known as a lair of fearsome beasts, the birch grove is lined with white bark and fallen leaves, which seem to form the skeleton of a giant. The Dark Hero Ragewolf lies in wait deep within the forest with his Bonedeth Brigade, ready to pounce upon Uberhero's forces!
  — Mission Description 

Suggested: Lv2/ Reward: Iron Chest Lv2

This is the second story mission in the Field of Angry Giants, and the first mission where you encounter a Dark Hero.


First, break through a Bonedeth house and kill the troops defending it. You'll see some Elite Yarideth guarding two Bonedeth walls, but they aren't much of a problem. Next, break down a Bonedeth fort and prepare for a tough battle.

More half-bosses await. And your first Dark Hero, Madfang Ragewolf. The two big threats of this level are the burning Treant, and of course Ragewolf. Be sure not to take too much damage in the first part of the battle, before Ragewolf arrives. Once you destroy the tall Bonedeth fort, Ragewolf will poof into the scene (a little dizzy, maybe because of the "summoning sickness"). Make sure you defend against his attacks: they can easily drain
Ragewolf and the Mysterious Birch Grove
your stamina. If you catch on fire, use the DonChaka song. Ragewolf will only leave once you deal enough damage to him, so get your punches in while you can. If you haven't noticed, Ragewolf has his own Hero Mode. Be sure to defend: he will use it after saying with a red speech bubble or charging up. Attack while he is backed up and charging. Once he retreats, he'll drop a purple potion, with which can revive fallen troops, and heal your damaged Patapons. Now you will face your second test, the Treant. Quickly use a charge attack, and it will be close to death. If it survives, run away from its deadly ember attacks. Once dead, move forward, destroy the few remaining Bonedeth, and finish the level.

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