"From ancient times, Patapons confident in their mobility would race their troupe against another towards a common goal. The chance to see their record broken made a thrilling spectacle."
  — Area Description 

This is the seventh location in Patapon 3, and the first Dead Heat location. After completing one story mission in this location then the area is unlocked and can be played in Race Versus Mode only. It contains three missions, two which can played once and one which can be played as many times as you like. After completing A Mermaid's Tears and the Great Snow Race you unlock the mission Archfiend of Purity and unlock the mission Ephemeral Dreams Dashed, which can be played untill you meet Miss Covet-Hiss, then you unlock The Great Race For Pride.

Master ObeliskEdit

Racing Alley of Purity

Racing Alley of Purity

Vs rules racing alley

~VS Rules: Racing Alley~

Battle GateEdit

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