In Patapon 3, each one of the Seven Archfiends (with the exception of the Archfiend of Tolerance) possesses a boss, controlling it in story-related quests. The bosses still have their instant kill attacks, making them much more deadly as your Shield-based classes are the only things stopping them from killing Hatapon.

NOTE: When the boss' HP is around half, the boss you are fighting will go into rage mode. This is best recognised when they start to retreat at a high speed. In rage mode, the boss moves at twice of normal speed and attacks without any warning at all, except for instant-kill attacks, which still need to be charged.

List of Possessed BossesEdit

This shows the list of Possesed Bosses in order of story quests.
Evil spirit talking

Archfiend of Valor.

Possessed Accursed DodongaEdit

Main article: Accursed Dodonga

Accursed Dodonga was possessed by the Archfiend of Valor. You will fight this boss at the Cave of Valor in the 3rd floor, where you will find the Archfiend of Valor floating in the air. After it taunts you, it will possess Accursed Dodonga and place its emblem near the roundish part of the dragon's lower jaw.


Gaeen possessed by the Archfiend of Purity.

Possessed GaeenEdit

Main article: Gaeen

Gaeen gets possessed by the Archfiend of Purity. The evil spirit is not hard to defeat, but not easy either. It will take some time to make Possessed Gaeen falls on its knees and die. Also, if you are able to crack his arm, the lights of the Archfiend of Purity will dim out.


Kanogias possessed by Archfiend of Justice.

Possesed KanogiasEdit

Main article: Kanogias

Kanogias gets possessed by the Archfiend of Justice. It places the emblem next to Kanogias mouth after floating around for a while and taunting you.Kanogias uses his Mace, Time bombs and machine guns to attack Patapons.

Possessed ShookleEdit

Shoookle patapon 3

Archfiend of Earnestness.

Main article: Shookle

Shookle is possessed by the Archfiend of Earnestness on the bottom floor of the Estate of Earnestness. It places its emblem next to her eye. Be careful not to let Shookle's Triple Vine attack grab your Shield-based class(es), as Hatapon's ability Lifelink will be disabled, thus extremely vulnerable.

Possessed CiokinaEdit

Main article: Ciokina 

Ciokina possessed by the Archfiend of Restraint.

Ciokina is possesed by the Archfiend of Restraint. After floating around for a while and taunting you, the Archfiend will possess Ciokina, placing its emblem on the crab’s right pincer. All of the attacks are the same, including Rage mode, when Ciokina's movement and attack speed doubled, making it attack without warning, except for instant-kill attacks.

Possessed DettankarmenEdit

Main article: Dettankarmen 
Dettankarmen P3


Dettankarmen gets possessed by the Archfiend of Adamance. The Archfiend places its emblem on Dettankarmen's abdomen. Also, the Archfiend's possession of Dettankarmen increases its powers.


  • Arch Pandara seems to have the sign of tolerance on its head but is not technically a possessed due to the fact that he is summoned by the seven archfiends, not just the archfiend of tolerance.

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