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I'm rarin' to go !!

Pop Bean is a giant legume who has beauty problems. She enlists the help of her friend Fah Zakpon, a Patapon farmer. Fah Zakpon wears a hat that looks a little like a cowboy hat. Fah also has a hoe.

Fah zacpon

Fah Zakpon.



To get the Zakpon hat on "Creatures of the Sand", use the Rain Juju, and defeat the Gancheek.

Patapon 2

Beat the Centura Level 3 (Don't forget to use the Rain Juju).

Fah Zakpon under Pop Bean



  • 1 Wood Branch (Banal Branch)

Patapon 2

  • Level 1: 50 Ka-Ching
  • Level 2: 100 Ka-Ching
  • Level 3: 150 Ka-Ching


For Patapon, simply hit the 'O' button for every beat of Pop Bean's song. As for Patapon 2, hit the 'O' button correspondingly to the notes that scroll across the screen. After finishing the song, the Legume will shoot vegetables depending on how well you played the minigame. She will be shooting up the vegetables with a varying rhythm, though. When you begin to see the vegetables fall down towards you, you must press "O" with the same timing she made to catch the items as they fall. If you do fail to press "O" at the correct time then you will not catch the items and will lose it.


You get 1-3 of these items:

  • Eyeball Cabbage
  • Blood Carrot/Crying Carrot
  • Predator Pumpkin
  • Moor Morel/Hazy Shroom (Patapon 2)


Even though the minigame itself is no different from Kururu Beruru's minigame, the notes progress very quickly, making this game moderately difficult.


  • "Legume" means vegetable in French.
  • In Patapon 2 the way playing the minigame is different then the First Game .

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