Poocheeks are creatures that take the form of Kacheeks. In Patapon, they appear in the mission Sandy Paradise, in Patapon 2, they appear in the mission 'Mist over Rocky Mountain', they resemble stag beetles. Poocheeks use their large horn to stab
Poocheek - Showcase

Official render of a Poocheek in both its forms.

and toss enemies when they get too close. They are capable of some short distance flight, allowing them to maneuver out of range or to move into a closer range to attack.
Screen shot 2011-03-16 at 1.18.56 PM

A Flying Poocheek.

Poocheeks can give moderate damage to any nearby Patapon. Due to ranged units naturally walking backwards when an enemy advances means that Hatapon becomes vulnerable to a Poocheeks attacks. Melee units (Such as Tatepon) are best used combating Poocheeks.

Poocheek's drop wood materials, and in Patapon 1, the Kon Kimpon hat.