"In ancient times of gods, he soared towards the heavens seeking the sun; the symbol of justice, but his wings were scorched and he plummeted to this plateau, leaving a heavy mist lingering, reminding us ever more the folly of pride."
  — Area Description 

This is the tenth location in Patapon 3, and contains five missions, and two DLC quests:


Plateau of Pompous Wings.

Plateau of Pompous Wings

DLC (Dark)Edit

Plateau of Pompous Wings (Dark)

Plateau of Pompous Wings (Dark)

Trivia Edit

Patapon 3 glitch-0

Plateau of Pompous Wings glitch (right)

  • If you level up your Piekron to level 5 and get the "Rain Dance" skill , the rain will remove the fog and increase your visibility, although this is entirely optional, except in the quests Centura of the Mist and (Boss Battle) Darantula.
  • The Plateau of Pompous Wings is the only area which the fog covered all missions in it.
  • The description of the Plateau of Pompous Wings bears resemblances to the legend of Daedalus and Icarus.
  • There is a glitch that the Plateau of Pompous Wings looks different in the map before you complete A Mermaid's Tears and the Great Snow Race.

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