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A Pekkorako next to its mother...

are the cute small child of Pekkora with less developed horns. When Pekkora is hit by a weapon, these children will come out. They will run away and will not stop, but after a short amount of time, they will reteurn to Pekkora and renter her fleece. If you defeat Pekkora without hurting any Pekkorako, or kill a few Pekkorako and then defeat the Angry Pekkora, the remaining Pekkorako will cry. When they are doing this, its impossible to kill any of them. Their cries are not sheep like, more like an eerie monster cry. A glitch occurs when you hunt EVERY animal in the snowfields including Pekkora AND all the Pekkorako, AND collect all the materials, on the trip back, when you scroll down to the last thing you collected, the name may be cut off, also you may not pick up all the animal corpses, if you don't pick up the corpse of Pekkora, it still will appear at the camp meaning that you did collect every thing, it may just not appear.

On a side note: If you have a Mahopon Hero, during hero mode, when you knock out the Pekkorako out of Pekkora and the meteors kill one or not all the Pekkorako, and they run away, and the Pekkora gets angry, evade her attack and keep the Mahopon Hero in hero mode. If Pekkora, by chance doesen't eat the Mahopon hero, and a meteor doesn't kill her yet, when the Pekkorako run back to their mother, by chance, the meteors will kill each Pekkorako one by one, including the mother. This can be rather funny.


  • If one wishes to kill all the Pekkorakos, one can use a Kibapon and charge attack. As Kibapons are not the best unit for hunting because they get near, a Mahopon with a Heaven Staff may be a more suitable option.

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