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The "King of the Snowfield" in calm state


Pekkora in Rage

Pekkora are the "king" of the Bryun Snowfield that lives on the level "Ewe and Bunnies at Bryun Snowfield", and it will appear near the end. When hit by something, it will release lots of Pekkorako , the child of the Pekkora. If you defeat Pekkora without hurting any Pekkorako, you will get high-quality fleece. The first time you defeat Pekkora (this time you can get the thing even if you hurt the Pekkorako) it will drop a map leading to Neogaeen Ruins. There, you will face Dogaeen.

However, if you hurt any of the Pekkorako, it will get mad and will turn into a purple-eyed jawed monster. Then, it will try to hurt the Patapons by using its sleep inducing bite. With right equipment, you can defeat it quickly. When it is foggy, you can see the Pekkorako inside the Pekkora. Unlike other huntable animals, Pekkora's cry is like an eerie monster cry, which gets more menacing when its angry.


Pekkora In rage because of its babies' death


  • When Pekkora dies, its corpse will not disappear, like a boss. The meaning of this is unclear.
  • Strangely, even if you scare all the Huntable animals away withought killing them, Pekkora will still apear.
  • Although called the "King", they should be called "Queens", because Pekkoras are really mothers, and therefore female.
  • It's possible that there were supposed to be more Pekkoras. In the patapon 2 user manual, there are two other pekkoras, with markings on them. One was blue, the other green. 

    Two unseen types of pekkora in the Patapon 2 Manual (digital)

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