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Warning: This page contains spoilers that can spoil your experience for the Patapon games.

Patapon 2Edit

Princess patapon

The Patapon Princess

The Princess of Pata-Pole, ancestral home of the Patapons. One day, Ormen Karmen managed to trick Hero into thinking that the Princess was in danger, so he shattered the World Egg, causing demons to come out of Pata-Pole.

Ormen Karmen managed to imprison the Princess inside an egg-like prison, and keep her there, planning to make her his queen to rule over the Patapons. Hero is ashamed of this, then he put on a mask that made him lose all memories of himself. When the Patapon army found Hero stuck under a boulder and freed him, they all set to Pata-Pole. After getting there, Hero's memories come back, and Ormen Karmen is defeated along with Zuttankarmen, a powerful demon.

Once the Princess was released from her prison, the Patapons couldn't believe what they had just found. The Princess then showed them where Earthend is, beyond the sea, and talked with Hero, until realizing that Hero dozed off during her conversation.

Patapon 3Edit


Patapon Princess wearing The Mask of Lust (Naughtyfins)

The Princess also makes an appearance in Patapon 3, but this is unknown until you progress through the story and find out that Naughtyfins is the Patapon Princess. She is affiliated with the Archfiend of Purity and represents the Deadly Sin of Lust. She shows affection for the Uberhero early in the game and passes herself off as a vulnerable, sensitive young lady. In-game, she can be seen poledancing on her pike regularly in cutscenes.

After defeating the Archfiend of Adamance and passing the Evilmass of Adamance, the Uberhero confronts her and, after realizing her true identity, he embraces her, reverting her back to her previous form. She then lives with the Uberhero and his army in the Hideout, where she stays at the right side of the Herogate, and will see the Uberhero off or welcome him back from another person's hideout when he enters or exits it.
Patapon Princess living in Hideout

Patapon Princess in the Hideout

However, this will only occur if the player chooses all the answers that pertain to her in previous cutscenes (1st options excluding the first option set in which you must choose the second option) — if the player chooses the other options, she leaves forever. However, Ragewolf will tell you that you can save her in other worlds, which he is referring to the Herogate. If you save the Princess in another world, then the Princess will come to your Hideout and live with the Uberhero.


  • Princess Patapon and Hero

    Princess Patapon and the Hero

    Her Patapon 3 Team Card suggests that her real name may be "Slinky".
  • She also appears in some of the decorations and Team Cards in Patapon 3, in both of her forms.
  • It is unknown if there is a king or queen Patapon, so it is possible that she may have no parents or they have died.
  • She has a mysterious relationship with Hero, as well as Madfang Ragewolf
  • In Patapon 3, she mentions that she likes puppies (excluding Wondabarappa).

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