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17294Patapon 3 TITLE

The title screen. Notice that NEW GAME is MAKE NEW HERO, and there is a DOWNLOAD option.



  • If you look closely to the Gigantus screenshots, you can see that the graphics of the background are like the original game and its sequel.
  • The drums are on the sides of the screen like Patapon 1 and 2. In the final version, the drums are around the hero.
  • The fever worm looks like the one from the first Patapon game.
  • The appearance of the damage numbers is the same from Patapon 2.
  • Spoils at the top right of the screen are aligned to the left instead of the right. Materials also don't stack.
  • The Grond Greatshield is shaped like the the basic Greatshield instead of it being circular.


  • Yarida's Hero mode jump animation is just animation. It doesn't give the hero any Vertical velocity.
  • In hero mode, Pyokorider's animation when creating an doppelganger is different. He seems to stab in front of him.
  • Taterazay's Class Skills are Uberhero only. All they do is buff the effectiveness to the Hero Mode.
  • When in hero mode, Tondenga moves much more slower than usual.
  • In hero mode, Tondenga is completely immune to Knockback.
  • Wondabarappa's mask is different in design.
  • His sonic balls have much more range to them. This was changed because the sonic balls in hero mode kept hitting the ceiling in the Dungeon Quest.
  • The sound ball's appearance is slightly different. The lines are much different.
  • Wondabarappa's horn/longhorn is held at a different angle.


  • Unlike the final version, you can have additional Patapons instead of having just Ton, Chin and Kan, and you can equip them with gear. The trailer only shows 5 or 6 Yaridas being used, but a screenshot shows 6 Yumiyachas being used.
  • Every time you do a perfect command, a counter is added to the top left of the screen, like in Patapon 2 when playing on Hard mode. However, as shown in the first trailer, the Uberhero is in hero mode even though the counter is still counting up. Perhaps these counters were an early version of the summon energy? It seems to stop at five counters.
  • Summons don't make you walk forward.


Patapon 3 official E3 trailer Sony-0

Patapon 3 official E3 trailer Sony-0

Patapon 3 E3 trailer.

Patapon 3 TGS Trailer

Patapon 3 TGS Trailer

Patapon 3 TGS Trailer


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