Hatapon remembers the events in Patapon.

"Please come back dear God, let us venture to the end of the world together". Patapons set sail to the end of the world from the end of a small island. It was a long and tough journey; there were rainy days and scorching days but the Patapons never gave up.

But... 49 days and 49 nights after Patapons left the island, they were attacked by a sea monster they have never seen before.

The monster attacked the ship and the Patapons sunk along with their ship.
Drowning patapon

The ContractEdit

I swear an oath to become the God of the Patapons to find the end of the world. Even if I do not have a good sense of rhythm, even if I want to quit halfway, I will never give up to the very end.

I promise to keep my oath and receive the Drum of Valour as the God of the Patapons.


After you sign the contract, the game asks you whether you want to tell them your name or you want to load Patapon 1's save data. By loading the save data you will gain access to some of the items you collected in Patapon 1.

I recommend that new players choose yes and play on easy until you get more familiar with the game.

You've gained the Drum of Valour. It is mapped to your PSP's O button and has a sound of "Pon." Now you move on to (Your Name)s Return.

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