Patapon 2 Official Flash Minigame is a minigame at It is used to play, unlock backgrounds and characters, then create your own Patapon 2 wallpaper for your PC or PSP/PS3.
It has three levels and a special Majidonga level.

Level 1 PATA PATA PATA PON practiceEdit

In this level there is no fighting, just walking. You will meet up some Yaripons, Tatepons, and the Barsala Hero will appear. If you get into fever the Hero will be in Hero Mode but he does nothing.

Level 2 PON PON PATA PON practiceEdit

This time there will be fighting. You will have some more Tatepons or Yaripons. You're in the Karmen Interior but don't worry there will be no enemy. You will just fight a Karmen Fortress but it will take some time. Your Yaripon Hero will be with you so be on fever mode so that hero can destroy that Fortress then you move to the next level.

Level 3 Dodonga bossEdit

This level is going to be hard. You've done every practice so you need to fight a boss fight. You have many units now and a hero, so you must be in Fever mode at all costs. Dodonga's attacks are different so there will be no roars or devouring. Dodonga's main move is the Fire Breath, sometimes after that Dodonga will run away. If you kill Dodonga in just a few minutes or twenty minutes below you will receive all the things you need to make a wallpaper.

You unlock backgrounds and characters based on the score you get.

Level 4 Majidonga BossEdit

After that you must register and play the game. Then you will unlock a Bonus Level where you fight Majidonga. You still have your hero but you have a lower amount of units. Majidonga's attacks can be fast. You will battle him in the Snowfields.

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