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This is a list of Patapon 2 missions. The page includes links to each mission's respective article and Video Walkthrough.

Prologue: Return of the God Walkthrough

As the story of Patapon 2 opens, Patapons and Zigotons work together to build a ship to sail across the sea to find IT at Earthend. Hatapon remembers events from Patapon through a thought bubble. You (their God) have left them to travel the sea on their own. After 49 days and 49 nights at sea, they are attacked by an unknown sea monster and their ship is sunk.

Patapon Oath

"I hereby pledge to honor and keep my promise to be the Great Leader of the Patapons and help them reach Earthend.

I will not stray from my goal, even in face of death or great peril. Even at moments of weakness, I will keep the beat and feel the rhythm of the earth.

From this point forward, I promise to keep my pledge and take this drum of courage and be the Mighty Leader I was meant to be...This is my oath."

Sign and Seal the Contact

After signing, you can name your god or import a Patapon 1 save game data. If you import the data you get the following:

  • The name of your god from Patapon 1.
  • All the materials.
  • The ability to get random equipment you had from the Tochira Beach chest when there is a thunderstorm.
  • Being able to evolve Rarepons without evolving prior forms for Rarepons in the first game.

Then you can choose to use Easy Mode, this loosens the timing window and allows for more Just Timings.

Finally you get the Pon drum (drum of bravery), symbolized by the color blue and bound by the O button.


Hatapon, washed up on the beach, prays for the return of the Patapon's Mighty Leader. Strike the Pon drum four times in rhythm to responds. The game explains that 4 beats in one measure is a command. Hatapon doesn't know what to make of what he just heard so do it again. Then Hatapon realizes that you have come back and hands you the Pata Drum, which he had protected with his life. The Pata Drum is symbolized by the color red and is bound to the Square button.

Then you get to practice the first command, Onward. This command is Pata-Pata-Pata-Pon. This moves the entire army forward. After you enter the command the army repeats the command back. After four beats, repeat the command and the army will respond. Now you are able to go look for the three Yaripons. After this, you will encounter Meden and some Karmen. You cannot attack yet, so just keep advancing. They will retreat and Meden will follow you to the end of the stage.  

Story-Line Missions List

Mission 1:Hunting on Tochira Beach

Let's Play Patapon 2 - Mission 2 - Hunting on Tochira Beach(03:52)
Hunting on Tochira Beach
KulkumAdded by Kulkum

Mission 2:Exploring the Juju Jungle (Once)

Let's Play Patapon 2 - Mission 3 - Exploring the Juju Jungle 2(06:10)
Exploring the Juju Jungle
KulkumAdded by Kulkum

Mission 3:Destiny at Nanjaro Hill (Once)

Let's Play Patapon 21 - Mission 4 - Destiny of Nanjaro Hill(05:36)
Destiny at Nanjaro Hill
KulkumAdded by Kulkum

Mission 4:Defenders of the Mater Sprout

Dodonga Boss! See here for more info.

Let's Play Patapon 22 - Mission 5 - Defenders of the Mater Sprout(04:16)
Defenders of the Mater Sprout (*Dodonga Boss*)
KulkumAdded by Kulkum

Mission 5:Karmen Fortress in Usso Forest

Let's Play Patapon 2 - Mission 6 - Karmen Fortress in Usso Forest(06:01)
Karmen Fortress in Usso Forest
KulkumAdded by Kulkum

Mission 6:A Noble Death

Let's Play Patapon 2 - Mission 7 - A Noble Death(07:41)
A Noble Death (Replaced by Hunting mission)
KulkumAdded by Kulkum
Replaced by: Mushrooms in Nyokiri Swamp.

Mission 7:Mochicchichi's Counterattack

Patapon 2 walkthrough Mission 10 Revenge of the Motiti(08:52)
Mochichichi's Counter Attack
Sandflyer83Added by Sandflyer83
Mochichichi Boss! See here for more info.

Mission 8:Gong's Trial (Once)

Let's Play Patapon 2 - Mission 9 - Gong's Trial(04:11)
Gong's Trial (Once)
KulkumAdded by Kulkum

Mission 9:Wicked Acts

Centura Boss! See here for more info.

Let's Play Patapon 2 - Mission 10 - Wicked Acts(05:55)
Wicked Acts
KulkumAdded by Kulkum

Mission 10:Battle at Mt. Gonrok

Replaced by: Fog On Mt.Gonrok

Let's Play Patapon 2 - Mission 11 - Battle at MtLet's Play Patapon 2 - Mission 11 - Battle at Mt. Gonrok(09:15)
Battle at Mt. Gonrok
KulkumAdded by Kulkum

Mission 11:Fortress at Ejiji Cliff 

Let's Play Patapon 2 - Mdission 12 - Fortress at Ejiji Cliff(06:51)
Fortress at Ejiji Cliffs
KulkumAdded by Kulkum

Mission 12:Pharamatara, Defender of the Sky (Once)

Let's Play Patapon 2 - Mission 13 - Pharamatara, Defender of the Sky(10:58)
Pharamatara, Defender of the Sky
KulkumAdded by Kulkum

Mission 13:Sky Castle of the Gods (Once)

Let's Play Patapon 2 - Mission 14 - Sky Castle of the Gods(07:06)
Sky Castle of the Gods
KulkumAdded by Kulkum

Mission 14:Two Karmens

Replaced by: Ewe and Bunnies At Bryun Snowfield

Mission 15:Awakening in Neogaeen Ruins

Let's Play Patapon 2 9 - Awakening in Neogaeen Ruins(15:23)
Awakening at Neogaeen Ruins
Dogaeen Boss! See here for more info.

Mission 16:Through the Wall of Ice

Patapon 2- Mission 13 "Through the Wall of Ice"(07:41)
Through The Wall of Ice

Mission 17:Defeat Frozen Life Form Manboth

Manboth boss! See here for more info.

Mission 18:Shining Star and Black Star (Once)

Patapon 2 walkthrough Mission 23 Shiny Star and Black Star(03:44)
Shiny Star and Black Star
KulkumAdded by Kulkum

Optional Mission:Primordial Fangs in Manbo Ruins

Manboroth Boss! See here for more info.

Patapon 2 walkthrough Manboroth fight mission 24(06:02)
Primordial Fangs in Manbo Ruins
Sandflyer83Added by Sandflyer83

Mission 19:Memories Opened by the Underworld Gate

Patapon 2 walkthrough Mission 25 Dark Hero and Bababan(07:25)
Memories Opened by the Underworld Gate
KulkumAdded by Kulkum

Mission 20:At Ground Zero (Once)

Patapon 2 walkthrough Mission 26 Ground Zero(07:52)
At Ground Zero
ChurbanAdded by Churban

Mission 21:Evil at the World Core

Goruru Boss is back! See here for more info.

Mission 21:Undying Bird at Melala Volcano

Fenicci Boss! See here for more info!

Patapon 2 FireBird (Egg NoPatapon 2 FireBird (Egg No. 14)(05:06)
Undying Bird at Melala Volcano (*Patagate Version!*)
Sandflyer83Added by Sandflyer83

Mission 22:Crossing the Korakan Desert (Once)

Replaced by: Mystery Of Smokestorms In The Desert

Patapon 2 walkthrough Mission 29 Crossing the desert(08:08)
Crossing the Korakan Desert (RAIN JUJU NEEDED!)
KulkumAdded by Kulkum

Mission 23:Beast of the Korakan Desert

Zaknel Boss! See here for more info.

Patapon 2- Boss "Zaknel"(03:07)
Beast of the Korakan Desert
Moder46Added by Moder46

Optional Mission: Mystery of the Smokestorms in the Desert

Patapon 2 walkthrough Hunting in the Desert mission 31(06:47)
Mystery of Smokestorms in the Desert
KulkumAdded by Kulkum

Mission 24:Battle at Ekkora Oasis

Patapon 2- Mission 18 "Battle at Ekkora Oasis"(07:08)
Battle at Ekkora Oasis

Mission 25: Masked Country and Three Generals (Once)

Mission 26:Raging Jungle Guardian

Shookle Boss! See here for more info.

Patapon 2 The Shookle(04:20)
Raging Jungle Guardian
Sandflyer83Added by Sandflyer83

Mission 27:Absolute Despair (Once)

This Mission isn't supposed to be completed!

Mission 28:Retrieve the  Zigoton Catapult! (Once)

Patapon 2 walkthrough Get the catapult for destruction mission 35(08:20)
Retrieve the Zigoton Catapult!
KulkumAdded by Kulkum

Mission 29:Nomen, the Shieldbearer (Once)

Patapon 2 walkthrough God general of shield Nomen mission 36(06:29)
Nomen, the Sheild Bearer
KulkumAdded by Kulkum

Mission 30:Kimen, the Spearbearer (Once)

Patapon 2 walkthrough God general of spear, Kimen mission 37(07:17)
Kimen the Spear Bearer
KulkumAdded by Kulkum

Mission 31:Hukmen, the Staffbearer (Once)

Patapon 2 walkthrough Last God General Hukmen the Staffbearer mission 38(06:05)
Hukmen the Staff Bearer
KulkumAdded by Kulkum

Optional Mission:Defenders of Kunekunel

Dokaknel Boss! See here for more info.

Patapon 2 - Dokaknel levelPatapon 2 - Dokaknel level. 38(05:24)
Defenders of Kunekunel

Mission 32:Parabola Of Hope

Patapon 2- Parabola of Hope(05:10)
Parabola of Hope

Mission 33:Rescue Meden (Once)

Patapon 2 walkthrough Rescue Meden mission 42(08:42)
Rescue Meden!
KulkumAdded by Kulkum

Mission 34:The Underworld's Newest Weapon

Patapon 2 - Underworld Machine Giant Kanogias(04:19)
The Underworld's Newest Weapon
Sandflyer83Added by Sandflyer83
Kanogias Boss! See here for more info.

Mission 35:Underworld Tank Zugagang Rebuilt

Patapon 2 - Underworld Tank Zugagang Rebuilt(08:10)
Underworld Tank Zugagang

Optional Mission:Living Fortress Ganodias

Ganodias Boss! See here for more info.

Patapon 2 walkthrough Ganodias fight mission 45(03:27)
Living Fortress Ganodias
Sandflyer83Added by Sandflyer83

Mission 36:Once Upon A Time In Pata-Pole


Patapon 2 walkthrough Once uPON a Time in PATA-Pole mission 46(04:34)
Once Upon a Time In Pata-Pole
KulkumAdded by Kulkum

Mission 37:Downfall of the Patapons

Dettankarmen Final Boss! See here for more info.

Patapon 2 - The Great Cursed Dettankarmen(06:21)
The Great Cursed Dettankarmen

Patapon 2 Epilogue

Non-Story Line Missions List

Patapon 2 World Locations

  • Tochira Beach - 1 story mission, 1 hunting mission
  • Juju Jungle - 1 story mission, 1 training mission
  • Nanjaro Hill - 1 story mission, 1 training mission
  • Dongara Ruins - 1 story mission, 3 boss fights
  • Usso Forest - 1 story mission, 1 fortress mission
  • Nyokiri Swamp - 1 story mission, 1 hunting mission
  • Sutten Plains - 1 story mission, 1 boss fight
  • Gangoro Wasteland - 1 story mission
  • Boyayan Basin - 1 story mission, 1 boss fight
  • Mt. Gonrok - 1 story mission, 1 hunting mission
  • Dachara Ruins - 1 story mission, 1 boss fight
  • Ejiji Cliffs - 2 story missions, 1 fortress mission
  • Momokun Cloud Sea - 1 story mission
  • Sky Castle Amattera - 1 story mission
  • Bryun Snowfield - 1 story mission, 1 hunting mission
  • Neogaeen Ruins - 1 story mission, 1 boss fight
  • Ice Forest Shalala - 1 story mission, 1 fortress mission
  • Kochikachi Lake - 1 story mission, 1 boss fight
  • Tink Ravine - 1 story mission
  • Manbo Ruins - 1 boss fight
  • Demon Gate Bababaan - 1 story mission, 1 fortress mission
  • Barabaran Crater - 1 story mission
  • World's Core - 1 story mission, 1 boss fight
  • Melala Volcano - 1 boss fight
  • Korakan Desert - 2 story missions, 1 hunting mission, 1 helping mission
  • Korakan Hot Sands - 1 story mission, 1 boss fight
  • Ekkora Oasis - 1 story mission, 1 fortress mission
  • Kunekunel Ruins - 1 boss fight
  • Menkame Jungle - 2 story missions
  • Guguchoppa Ruins - 1 boss fight
  • Mecchaku Jungle - 1 story mission, 1 boss fight
  • Karmen Gate Sokshi - 2 story missions, 2 fortress missions

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