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Other than in Patapon 1 resources for building/evolving Patapon and Rarepons are no longer strictly mathematics. Instead, the Evolution Map tells you which resources are needed to create or improve them, when they are highlighted for you. Of course, the items have a certain "level", depending on their rarity and ease of acquisition.
All resources are listed in increasing rarity in their respective groups.

Aquisition Through Minigames

The level/rarity of the item(s) you receive are dependant on how well you did in the minigame, but more importantly the level you played it on.

Tree Game

The Tree minigame gives Level 1-4 Woods, Meats, Woods, Stones, Fangs, Bones, and Hides. Useful for strengthening a variety of units.

Flower Game

The Flower Minigame gives Level 1-4 Vegetables. Useful for strengthening Megapons and Toripons.

Mountain Game

The Mountain minigame gives Level 1-4 Minerals (Rocks, Ores, etc.) Useful for strengthening Tatepons and Yaripons.

Cooking Game

The Cooking minigame gives Level 1-5 Stews. Useful for boosting HP/strength on a difficult boss/mission.

Alchemy Game

The Liquid/Chemistry/Alchemy minigame gives Level 1-4 Liquids. Useful for strengthening Mahopons.

List of Resources


Cafeteria Meat (Leather Meat)

Lv1 leather meat "Mums tell young Patapons,"If it fills your stomach, don't complain." and they learn to eat this meat."

  • Dropped by: Normal Kacheeks, Tree Minigame (All Levels), and Mammoth bosses.

Tender Meat

Lv2 tender meat "Patapons love this soft, luscious meat, but they rarely eat it, even on their birthdays."

  • Dropped by: Mochichis , Pekkora, and other common creatures, Tree Minigame (All Levels), and Mammoth bosses.

Succulent Meat (Dream Meat)

Lv3 dream meat "This legendary marbled meat melts like cotton candy, but Patapons prefer a heartier meal."

  • Dropped by: Usually by Momotis and other rare creatures, sometimes by the Tree Minigame (Level 2+), and by Mammoth bosses uncommonly.

Mystery Meat

Lv4 mystery meat "Tribal records make no reference to this elusive meat. What does it taste like? Should we care?"

  • Dropped by: Motististis, some really rare creatures, rarely from the Tree Minigame (Level 3) and by Mammoth bosses rarely also.

Demon Steak

Lv5 demon steak "A mysterious steak that emits a delicious aroma. It is said that any who taste it are cursed to hunger for it for eternity."

  • Dropped by:Very rare, only and rarely from Mammoth bosses.


Berara Hide

Lv1 berara hide "A heavy greasy hide, delicately treated by the finest artisans in Patapolis."

  • Dropped by: Kacheeks, Rappapa, and Pekkora, by Garuru boss and by the Tree Minigame (All Levels).

Gotsutsu Hide

Lv2 gotsutsu hide "Tough hide cut from a beast. It's said that it's so tough, it takes three days and nights to remove it completely"

  • Dropped by: Pekkora, by Garuru boss and the Tree Minigame (All Levels).

Subebe Hide

Lv3 subebe hide "A beautiful, smooth hide. Patapons never stop fighting each other to obtain its silky warmth."

  • Dropped by: Pekkora rarely, beating Nanjaro Hill Course, Garuru boss and Tree minigame (Level 2+).

Mezura Hide

Lv4 mezura hide "A hide cut from a rare creature. It's so rare that it's said that anyone who possesses its hide is instantly made for life."

  • Dropped by:Very rarely by Pekkora, best option is Garuru boss, and the Tree Minigame (Level 3).

Demon Hide

Lv5 demon hide "A hide cut from an ugly beast. One look is enough to make you ill. It's glossy look and damp feel is it's most peculiar characteristic."

  • Dropped by:Very rare hide, can be sometimes found in both training games(Nanjaro Hill Course and sometimes Juju Jungle Course), but mostly dropped by Garuru and can be obtained in "Paragate" from Goruru and Garuru bosses.


Kuneri Fang

Lv1 kuneri fang "A twisted but magnificent fang. When shaved down, it can make a good weapon to serve any warrior well."

  • Dropped by: Basic Kacheeks, Tree Minigame (All Levels) and Centura bosses

Itete Fang

Lv2 itete fang "A large sharp fang. It's said that you can know a hunter's true skill by how many of these he's had to remove from his neck."

  • Dropped by: Various Kacheeks, Mostly from Nyoriki Swamp, also from Centura bosses, and the Tree Minigame (All Levels).

On a side note... Do Patapons even have necks?!?

Gizaza Fang

Lv3 gizaza fang "The tip of this fang contains countless tiny barbs. Anyone pierced by this fang will pay a terrible price trying to remove it."

  • Dropped by: Tree Minigame (Level 2+), Ujis, and Centura bosses.

Nazozo Fang

Lv4 nazozo fang "A fang of dark mysterious origins. It is said that whoever possesses this fang will be blessed with great fortune."

Demon Fang

Lv5 demon fang "A strange fang from a hideous beast. It warps and bends in an unpleasant fashion before tapering to a sharp point.Considered to be very precious."

  • Dropped by:Very rare, it is dropped only from Centura bosses and the patagate.


Mudada Bone

Lv1 mudada bone "A bone from a small animal, possibly after being killed by a larger animal. They are common in the Grass Village."

Gashirin Bone

Lv2 gashirin bone "A large, sturdy bone. It is written that our ancient ancestors once used these bones as weapons."

  • Dropped by: Rarely Mochichis, usually Momotis, the Tree Minigame (All Levels), and Mochichichi bosses.

Dodeka Bone

Lv3 dodeka bone "A massive bone that fell after the death of a gigantic monster. In some regions, this huge bone is used as a central pillar in homes."

  • Dropped by: Rarely Momotis, sometimes by other creatures, the Tree Minigame (Level 2+), and the Mochichichi bosses.

Ottama Bone

Lv4 ottama bone "A huge bone with an unusual shape. No one knows what part of the animal it came from."

  • Dropped by: Rarely come from very valuable creatures, but usually cames from Motsitsi, Mochichichi and Fenicchi bosses, and Tree Minigame (Level 3).

Demon bone

Lv5 demon bone "A sinister bone. It's rumored that just holding it will make you nauseous. Indispensable for casting curses upon people.''

  • Dropped by: Fenicci boss, and Mochichichi after it has reached lv. 25 or 17, by doing the obstacle course, and by defeating Mochichichi each time in the Patagate after 6 times.



Lv1 stone "A common stone, full of impurities, but vital nevertheless."

  • Dropped by: Dodonga Bosses, Mountain Minigame (All Levels), piles of grass, and Karmen Fortresses.

Hard Iron

Lv2 hard iron "Much blood has spilled in conflicts surrounding claims to this rare metal according to Zigoton myth."

  • Dropped by: Treasure Box in Juju Jungle Course, and Nanjaro Hill Course, and stone barriers, Dodonga bosses, Mountain Minigame (All Levels) and Karmen Fortresses.

Titanium Ore

Lv3 titanium ore "Legend has it that this tough, lightweight ore was granted to the Patapons by none other than Almighty."

  • Dropped by:Dodonga Bosses, Mountain Minigame (Level 2+), and rarely by Karmen Fortresses.

Mithril (Mytheerial)

Lv4 mytheerial "This magical metal is the lightest and sturdiest of all. It is used to forge divine tools of war."

  • Dropped by: Dodonga Bosses, Mountain Minigame (Level 3), and by multiplayer gaming in "Patagate".

Adamantine (Adamanman)

Lv5 adamanman "A legendary ore born from the Earth, ranking number one in hardness and shine. Weapons made from this stone will possess a terrifying power."

  • Dropped by: Rarely by Dodonga Bosses, and "Patagate".


Wood Branch (Banal Branch)

Lv1 banal branch "Available in abundance, except when you really need them."

  • Dropped by: Destroyed grass and fortresses, Dogaeen Boss and by the Tree Minigame (All Levels).

Cherry Tree

Lv2 cherry tree "According to legend, the ancient colossal cherry trees in the East are resting deities."

  • Dropped by: Some Karmen buildings, Tree Minigame (All Levels), and by the Dogaeen Boss.


Lv3 hinoki "Legends say that even the Mighty Great Patapon's home is made up of this sacred Hinoki timber."

  • Dropped by: Poocheek, Tree Minigame (Level 2+), Nanjaro Hill Course, and Dogaeen boss.

Super Cedar

Lv4 super cedar "The Mighty Patapon speaks of a legendary island where Super Cedars eternally watch over the forests."

  • Dropped by: Tree Minigame and Dogaeen boss.

Bowtie Tree

Lv5 bowtie tree "Long ago, a lone monk attained enlightenment beneath this massive tree. Its trunk, said to possess a special power, will stay fresh for eternity."

  • Dropped by: Rarely by Dogaeen Boss and paraget.


Eyeball Cabbage

Lv1 eyeball cabbage "Every Patapon loves nice, fresh cabbage."

  • Dropped by: Fortresses, Rappapa, Flower Minigame (All Levels), and Zaknel bosses.

Blood Carrot (Crying Carrot)

Lv2 crying carrot "These carrots sprout en masse after a brutal battle."

  • Dropped by: Kunel Bosses and Flower Minigame (All Levels).

Predator Pumpkin

Lv3 predator pumpkin "Those who attempt to eat this unique vegetable end up being its prey."

  • Dropped by: Flower Minigame (Level 2+), Kunel bosses and some fortresses.

Moor Morel (Hazy Shroom)

Lv4 hazy shroom "A potent morel that cause drowsiness on all that come across its scent. Accidentally eating one can cause strange behavior!"

  • Dropped by: Flower minigame (Level 3), and Kunel bosses.


Lv5 guddorian "Patapons dont know much about this demon fruit."

  • Dropped by: Very rarely by Kunel bosses(Zaknel, Dokaknel).

On a Side Note: It's name may be based on a Filipino Fruit, Durian


Kasu Seed

Lv1 kasu seed "An ordinary, easy-to-acquire seed. It will put down sturdy roots in any kind of soil."

  • Dropped by: Shookle, Shooshookle (Patagate only) bosses, and Gancheeks in The Mystery of Smokestorms in the Desert.

Yoka Seed

Lv2 yoka seed "A sturdy seed, capable of changing a desert into a flowerbed overnight. Mysterious traveling merchants are said to spread them on their travels."

  • Dropped by: Shookle, ShooShookle ("Paragate" only) bosses, and Gancheeks in The Mystery of Smokestorms in the Desert.

Deka Seed

Lv3 deka seed "A massive seed as large as a fist. It's covered with an extremely hard shell, so that no matter how hard you hit it, you can't split it in two."

  • Dropped by: Shookle and ShooShookle ("Paragate" only) bosses. One of rare drops in the defense training level 3

Bibi Seed

Lv4 bibi seed "A twisted seed, covered in countless thorns. The truth is, no one knows where it came from."

  • Dropped by: Rarely from Shookle and ShooShookle ("Paragate" only) bosses.

Mater Seed (Mater Sprout)

Lv5 mater sprout "The seed of Mater the Tree of Life. It's an extremely precious seed and its existence is symbol of hope for the Patapon's future."

  • Dropped by: Very rarely, from Shookle and Shooshookle ("Paragate" only) bosses.


Blunt Alloy (Sloppy Alloy)

Lv1 sloppy alloy "This poorly-forged reject alloy still gets the job done."

  • Dropped by: Parcheeks, (crab-like creatures on hunting), Kanogias, Ganodias, and the Anvil Minigame (Level 1).

Hard Alloy

Lv2 hard alloy "This expertly-forged alloy is a valuable resource."

  • Dropped by:Parcheeks, Kanogias, Ganodias,and the Anvil Minigame (Level 1, Perfect).

Awesome Alloy

Lv3 awesome alloy "This exceedingly rare high-quality steel is as precious as gold."

  • Dropped by: Uncommon, dropped only by Kanogias, Ganodias and the Anvil Minigame (Level 2, Hard Iron).

Magic Alloy

Lv4 magic alloy "A magical alloy forged by Patapon ancestors during the tribe's peak."

  • Dropped by: Rarely, Dropped Only by Kanogias and Ganodias, you can also get it from the Anvil Minigame (Level 2, Mithril, after Divine Weapons) or Anvil Minigame (Level 3, Hard Iron).

Demon's Ore

Lv5 demons ore "Magical steel, sealed by the ancestors of the Patapon race that flourished in ancient times."

  • Dropped by: Very Rarely, dropped only by Kanogias and Ganodias. Can also be made in Anvil Minigame (Level 3, Adamantine, after Demon Weapons).


Familiar Juice (Familiar Liquid)

Lv1 familiar liquid "Thin, transparent liquid. It doesn't really have a remarkable flavor, but drinking it while you are thirsty will refresh you instantly."

  • Dropped by: Liquid Minigame (Any Level, Imperfect), Cioking Boss, Babatos

Hot Juice (Hot Liquid)

Lv2 hot liquid "Boiling juice capped by an unsteady mountain of froth. Blow on it before you drink it, or you might end up with severe burns."

  • Dropped by:Liquid minigame (Level 1, Perfect), Cioking bosses, Pipats (Babatto's family)

Cold Juice (Cold Liquid)

Lv3 cold liquid "Juice that has been chilled too much and is on the verge of freezing. Just one sip will chill the body to the core and grant a severe ice cream headache."

  • Dropped by: Liquid minigame (Level 2, Perfect), Cioking bosses, Dobattos (Babato's family)

Rainbow Juice (Rainbow Liquid)

Lv4 rainbow liquid "A liquid that reflects the colours of the rainbow when hit by sunlight. Its seven sweet flavours are a pleasure for the palate."

  • Dropped by: Liquid minigame (Level 3, Perfect), Cioking bosses

Demon Juice (Demon Liquid)

Lv5 demon liquid "The mysterious-coloured vapour that pours from this brew gives it a dangerous atmosphere. Anyone who can stomach it is considered a brave warrior."

  • Dropped by: Rarely, from Cioking bosses.

Use of Resources in Minigames

These materials will help your Patapons level up, and become Rarepons. There are 16 to choose from, and depending on the Rarepon, and the class of Patapon, specific materials will have to be used to upgrade them. Rarepons start off at Level 1, they reach mature age at Level 5, and show their full potiental at Level 10. The minigames that supply the materials only get you the Level 1-4, for the Level 5, bosses will have to be defeated to retrieve them, or the Hero Patapon must go into the Paragate. The Blacksmith minigame requires Ka-ching as well as ore, but can make better alloys, and equipment, and the Bell minigame requires some Level 1-3 materials to earn Ka-ching to support the other minigames, and Patapon development.


While necessary for certain items, minigames do not yield as many resources as a properly farmed boss. Bosses automatically drop an item when staggered. By putting a status effect such as sleep, knockback or freeze before staggering the boss, a level 3+ item will be guaranteed. The most effective combination is Menyokki (tree) and Mashu (mushroom). Menyokki's Cnc is 200%, the highest of any Rarepon and the stat which regulates stagger. Mashu specializes in both sleep and knockback effects, making them the most multi-purpose Rarepon for inflicting status effects. Yumipon are the ideal Pon to evolve, as they all can hit when attacking, they have the greatest range of attack (both near and far targets) and their triple shoot when in fever mode. Just remember to have a melee squad to pick up all the loot.

As each boss is associated with a single item, you will need to be sure to choose the right one:

Once you have a full squad of Yumipons evolved, focus on the second tier bosses. Their increased health means they can withstand more damage, which means more materials.


  • Seeds are the only materials not obtained through Minigames.

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