Patapon 2- Credits05:17

Patapon 2- Credits

Thanks to Jayplay17 for letting me post this...

"Is this the end of the world?"

"Thank you for the power of the drums Lord"

"Let's go a bit forward"

They walk forward and find a gigantic egg.

"Please dear Lord..."

"Please guide the Patapons..."

Use the march command to march, and then once you reach the egg attack and break it.

The egg cracks and lets out a bright light from the inside of the egg.

"It's so bright!"

"I don't mind going blind if I can see 'IT'!" "Wooooow!" "My... My eyes" "Bright!"

Rainbow appears.

"Oh.. so beautiful..." "Impressive" "Huh?"

A Patapon Princess comes out of the egg.

"What the..."

"Ah... I was sleeping like a rock and you broke the egg!" "Are you a princess?" "Huhuhu..."

"Your journey ends here..."

Screen goes black and back, you see Hero with his head down.

"So you're leaving..."

"You are fated to restore the world..."

"I will wait for your return here"

"Zzzz... Huh?"

"Ah I slept well. The wind is so nice here."

"Uh... Uh... Princess... Since when were you there?"

"... ... ... ..."


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