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Patapon-Eating Plant Shookle is a boss mission in Patapon 2. After surviving their first encounter with the Karmen Generals, the Patapons venture deeper into the jungle, where they tangle with a less-than-friendly floral fiend.


You'll face Shookle, another returning boss from Patapon, which some will remember as Queen Kharma's pet. The tactics are essentially the same as before (see Shookle's own page for detailed information on this eyeball-munching plant): stay far away whenever possible, and bring fire weapons to increase your damage output and reduce her repertoire of attacks.

Patapon 2- Boss "Shookle"04:09

Patapon 2- Boss "Shookle"

However, you have several new options for plucking this wicked weed. For instance, Toripons can evade most of Shookle's attacks quite well (the sleep spores can still hit them, however), and Mahopons give you yet another ranged option to use. New Rarepons can exploit Shookle's weaknesses quite handily; Mashu are immune to sleep at their highest levels, making them useful melee warriors; Menyokki can add to her already-high stagger rate, leaving her almost helpless; and both Gyaba and Uhoho can set her alight, reducing her attack options.

Defensively, you want to focus on sleep resistance, meaning that Mashu are excellent and Wanda are a very bad idea. Certain Masks can protect your Hero, allowing you to give the hero a form more suited for offense. A melee Hero is a good idea, as the damage from the body slam can add up quite quickly, and having at least one close-combat fighter can save your ranged units from an endless barrage. The DonDon jump command is a handy alternative to PonPata-especially against the Triple Devour attack- and the DonChaka party command helps counteract Shookle's constant attempts to send your army to sleep. Of course, most of these options are unavailable the first time you battle Shookle, but at Level 1, standard combat tactics are more than enough to send her to the compost heap.

Upon defeat, Shookle drops an egg, allowing you to fight her in the Patagate. She drops a Shooshookle egg at Level 5. At higher levels, she may drop a unique horn for your Megapons , increasing their ability to put foes to sleep. Additionally, battling Shookle is one of the only ways to obtain Seeds in the game, so you'll be seeing a lot of her if you want Mahopons in your army.

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