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Korakan Desert



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Zaknel, King Of The Desert

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Undying Bird at Melala Volcano


Korakan Desert

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Acchichichi's Theme

 Crossing the Korakan Desert is a story mission in Patapon 2. The Patapons reach the Korakan desert, to find that the Karmen have set up a fortress!


Be sure to equip the Rain Miracle. The fights in this level are not hard; it just tests if you brought the Rain Miracle and if you can activate it consistently. You'll mainly face Mahomen and Torimen in this mission. They are equipped with fire weapons, so your army should be geared towards Ignite resistance. Just march ahead, you'll face some enemy opposition, but they drop potions too. You'll notice a purple Kacheek: A Gancheek. Gancheek are a type of Faux-Kacheek, and upon being attacked or startled will transform into a snail. Gancheek are very slow, so they will not stop moving until they eventually reach the end of the stage. It will take most of the mission to kill it, as it has VERY high health.

Halfway through the mission you'll see the Talking Sign. It'll warn you that the land to the right is burning hot. When you march forward, the ground will appear to be glowing red. It will randomly explode into flames, doing major fire damage to your Patapons, so perform the Rain Miracle immediately. Keep marching and you'll reach a tower. This is practically the end of the stage. Destroy it and that is it for the Karmen presence in the desert. If the rain miracle starts to time out, you will need to perform it again (you cannot survive in the desert without rain). Once the ground beneath you stops shining bright red, and you stop seeing carcasses of dead animals, you are out of the Korakan Hot Sands and can continue to the end of the stage without rain.


Patapon 2 walkthrough Mission 29 Crossing the desert (better quality xD)07:49

Patapon 2 walkthrough Mission 29 Crossing the desert (better quality xD)


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