Parcheeks are vicious creatures inhabiting the world of the Patapons. Initially, they look like a yellow-spotted Kacheek, but reveal their true form, a giant crab, when attacked. A Parcheek is first encountered on the level Nyokiri Swamp. Later on in the game, you will see them on Tochira Beach. They regularly appear once per hunting mission, but may spawn in groups of two or three. Early in the game, they can be quite difficult, but quickly lose their threat as you improve your Rarepons and equipment. Parcheeks usually drop level 1-3 Alloys when defeated. Parcheeks bear some similarities to Cioking and Ciokina. The actual relationship between them is unknown, but it is not unreasonable to think that Parcheeks are offspring or weaker cousins to the menacing crustacean bosses.

Parcheek - Showcase

Fan-made render of a Parcheek in both its forms.


Parcheeks can be located in almost every hunting ground beyond the middle of the game. In both games, they are first seen in the swamp hunting mission-"World of Ooze" in Patapon and "Hunting On Nyokori Swamp" in Patapon 2. Later, they appear in "Hunting at Tochira Beach ", when it is raining. They replace the less dangerous Poocheek in the "aggressive huntable animal" category.


Unlike most huntable animals, Parcheeks have two attacks: a spray of bubbles which does minor damage and induces sleep, and a far stronger claw slam. Both attacks can be dodged with the PonPata retreat or the DonDon jump, but the bubbles' effect can also be counteracted by the DonChaka party song. The ChakaChaka defense is acceptable as well, since the attacks have very little warning for evasion and the Parcheeks never grow any stronger.

A squad of Tatepons can block Parcheek's blows more efficiently than most units, but their presence will make further hunting difficult. After a certain point of development, however, even Yumipons can withstand the crab's attacks long enough to take it down.