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Ormen Karmen

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The Great Cursed Dettankarmen

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Living Fortress Ganodias



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Gyorogyoro's Theme

Once Upon A Time In Pata-Pole is one of the final story missions in Patapon 2. At long last, the Patapons storm their former capital city, where the leader of the Karmen awaits,and where stunning secrets will be revealed.


Ormen Karmen


Gas MaskEdit

After Omen Karmen Says "Let´s see... Where did the mask go?" quickly use the DonChaka or DonDon song, and it will Dodge you from the Sleeping attack.

Freezing Fists (a.k.a. Freezing Wave)Edit

After Ormen Karmen says "Have a taste of my freezing fists!" quickly jump with DonDon while Ormen Karmen punches your troops and says "Dongrasher!". This move will be usually performed after the gas mask,dealing medium/high damage.


As Ormen Karmen says "Dance, dance my flames!", five fireballs manifest around him. They move slowly, but do medium/high damage. The DonDon, ChakaChaka or DonChaka Song works best here.

Hammer StrikeEdit

After saying "Dwell in my hands, god of thunder!" and "Giganthor!", he will form a VERY large hammer, smashing it to the ground, dealing high/fatal damage. DonDon is not recommended. PonPata is fairly good, however the PataPata song actually works best here, as the handle is too long. You may lose a Rear unit, but that's about it.


  • You can stand quietly and don't move forward and just attack Ormen Karmen, and he will not attack you.
  • His hammer strike (Giganthor) attack is similar to Thor's, which he wields a legendary hammer.
  • If your army is close enough to Ormen Karmen when he uses Giganthor, he might miss as the hammer is so large, it may go behind your army.
  • In the Japanese version of Patapon 2, the title of the mission remains in English.

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