Gekoronba evo

Nyontamas can be immune to fire.

Nyontama (Gekolos in Patapon 1), is a Rarepon first introduced in Patapon. Its evolutions names are Gekoroth, and Gekoronpa. These Rarepons are very resistant against fire and electricity, but they stagger very easily. A unit with good range such as Yumipons and Mahopons will avoid closer combat where melee weapons can stagger the Patapons very easily. The critical and total damage gained by this Rarepon can also help with damage output, making a far-ranged unit more viable, making it an excellent unit early in the game.

To upgrade any of your units into a Nyontama Rarepon, they must first be upgraded into a Pyopyo Rarepon.

Level 1 Description: Resistant against some fire and electrical attacks. He'll gain speed as he levels-up; however his stagger won't improve.

Level 5 Description: So charming, but so strong! Can cause critical hits. Strong against lightning but easy to stagger.

Level 10 Description: Aww, it's so amazingly adorable! But very strong, and can cause criticals. Extremely strong against lightning but staggers very easily.

Appearance: Tadpole, Frog, Toad, Gecko
HP: +100 Crit Ratio: +200%
Damage: +20-20 KB Ratio: 0
Attack Speed: 0 CNC Ratio: 0
Resist Ignite: 0 Ignite Ratio: 0
Resist Freeze: 0 Freeze Ratio: 0
Resist Sleep: 0 Sleep Ratio: 0
Immunities: Ignite
30x Lv2 30x Lv2 36x Lv1 15x Lv1

Patapon 3Edit


In Patapon 3, Piekron is a Nyontama Yaripon unit, who can wield spears, lances, daggers and shields. In Uberhero Mode, Concentrate, Piekron will begin to meditate, boosting attack power of teammates by up to x2.0 or even x3.5 when equipped with Charibassa's Team Aid Set Skills. This boost can last up to either 20, 40, or 60 seconds. You can upgrade him to improve strength for the Patapon army. He can't attack in Hero Mode.

When Ton is a Piekron, he has a deeper green colour compared to the original Nyontama. So does the Uberhero's mask.


  • When a Nyontama reaches higher levels, the names "Gekoroth" and "Gekoronpa" sound almost like the original name of the Nyontamas, "Gekolos" in Patapon 1.
  • Nyontama seems to be an early game combination of Sabara (crit rate) and Wagyanba (fire immunity, no major damage buff)
  • Nyontama's color seems to change between games. In 1st game he is bit more yellowish, but later he becomes greener. In Patapon 3, fully evolved Piekron is quite green.

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