A Noble DeathEdit

"The Karmens have erected a fortress in Nyokiri Swamp, right in the way of your determined Patapons! You'll have to destroy it if you want to reach Earthend!"

MAP: Nyokiri Swamp

BGM: Ushishi's Theme

As you start this stage, you see a Zigoton with a familiar helm. The Zigoton removes his mask to reveal that he is Gong the Hawkeye. He hops down to help you destroy some Iron Towers. Then some Zigotons pop out and want to fight with Gong. He reminds them that he has already died then retreats and erects a wall with a cannon. After you destroy the wall, Gong retreats and you are faced with several Karmen forts. Wipe them out and finish the level.

There is a glitch, that if you destroy the tower Gong is standing on, he will be floating. He will still jump down and attack, as if destroying the tower. However, the tower will not be there and he may hit your patapons, possibly one-shot killing Hatapon.
A noble death

Back at PatapolisEdit

Meden: Oh... how fearsome... it seems Gong has been reborn... Great Kami... I'm sure there's a secret to be found out here.

Mushrooms in Nyokiri SwampEdit

BGM: Awon's theme

MAP: Nyokiri Swamp

"What has the Rain Juju done to the world? There's finally a sunny day at Nyokiri Swamp. What changes between sunny days and rainy days."

The first time you play you find a Uji, a shark like monster than can be hard to defeat if you don't have the right units. You may want to bring Tatepons or Dekapons just for the first time even though they mess up the hunting. About halfway you will find a Wep with the Rain JuJu. You will need it for later. After getting the Juju, the rain will stop sometimes. Parcheeks also show up here, but only if it is raining, they shouldn't hurt too much if you are careful. Other than that the normal array of Kacheeks and Mochichis as well as a Momoti, a pink Mochichi that gives better meat.


  • Parcheeks only appear in Rainy Days.
  • If it's raining, Be careful when your activating the Wep. An Uji (little shark) will appear and devour each Patapon until he is defeated.
  • When Parcheeks are defeated, they can drop alloys.

Next MissionEdit


Patapon 2 walkthrough Mission 9 Nyokiri Swamp07:44

Patapon 2 walkthrough Mission 9 Nyokiri Swamp

Patapon 2 Playthrough (Part 8)PASSED07:37

Patapon 2 Playthrough (Part 8)PASSED

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