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The Neogaeen Ruins are a location in Patapon 2, unlocked by finding a certain key item on the Bryun Snowfields. They hold an ancient secret, as well as a powerful enemy.

Awakening in Neogaeen RuinsEdit

"A destroyed ancient civilization is said to have created living rocks through the power of nature. That legend still lives on in these mountains."

At the start of this mission, you will get the Pon Pata Requiem of Retreat, which allows you to retreat a short distance before returning to your origonal posistion.

This is a fight with the boss Dogaeen. Yaripons and Robopons are effective units for this fight, but Toripons are a nice addition to the team because they are out of range for most of his attacks. The boss is vulnerable to knockback, but resistant to critical hits. Defeating him drops an egg that unlocks the Patagate-only boss: Gaeen.

For more information on defeating Dogaeen, vist this article.

Untitled dogaeen

Dogaeen in the Patagate

Dogaeen, the Lord of Nature Lv XEdit

"Dogaeen is given life by the power of nature, and the wood that makes up is body is of the purest natural lumber. Defeat Dogaeen to acquire the most precious wood!"

This is the repeatable fight with Dogaeen. He drops a variety of wood, along with a rare horn for the Megapons.


  • In the first game, he is made of steel, but in Patapon 2 he is made of wood, which explains that he drops wood.
  • Dogaeen can only drop the horn "Dogaeen's Horn" not the "Gaeen's Horn".


Let's Play Patapon 2 9 - Awakening in Neogaeen Ruins15:23

Let's Play Patapon 2 9 - Awakening in Neogaeen Ruins

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