Mutant Cyclops
The Mutant Cyclops is a stronger and larger version of the Cyclops. It is easily distinguishable from its weaker cousin by its square blue markings, a horned purple helmet, and a rocky club that, despite having arguably poorer craftsmanship as opposed to its cousin's, deals much more damage.

Mutant Cyclops first appears in Hunt the Cyclops: Part Deux.


The attacks of the Mutant Cyclops are identical to the Cyclops.

Rock Throw: The Mutant Cyclops will kneel over and put its hand into the ground. After a few seconds, it will pick up a spiked boulder, reel back and throw it towards your army. This attack, while not fatal in most circumstances, can deal very significant damage, but is easily avoided with PON PATA. Note that it also has a slim chance to pick up and throw a Chest instead of a boulder.

Slam: This attack has a handful of variations. The first is an ordinary Slam; the Mutant Cyclops will place its club on its shoulder and start tapping its foot, eventually - and quite suddenly - jumping and bringing its club down. This attack is fatal to all but the toughest units, even with CHAKA CHAKA's defensive boost; you must use PON PATA to avoid it. The other variations include slamming its club down multiple times (up to 4), and telegraphing Slam from a distance before charging towards your army, grouping it together and then Slamming. It will use both variations in a slam attack, so be advised.

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