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Level Info

Range of Adamance


Range of Adamance


Spin Spin Miss Theme

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Slogging on the Job

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At this ancient arena, both sides have giant steel towers. Will you be aggressive, and leave defense to the walls, or bolster your defenses? Strategy and formation are key.
  — Mission description 

Suggested: ? / Reward: ?

This is the only Multiplayer Mission at the Range of Adamance, and the 2nd VS Missile Battle option. At least four players (2 on each side) are required to play this level. You can use placement gimmicks like:

  • Wind up cart
  • Chaka Chaka interceptor
  • Iron barricade

These can be bought at Silver Hoshipon's shop for star shards. Besides gimmicks, each side also has a giant Iron Wall protecting the base.

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