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Arena of valor


Arena of Valor

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Dottama Gacheen Theme

Uberheroes have long prepared for this day, when they shall divide into Red and Blue and face one another in a great clash that sharpens skill, strength, and wits.
  — Mission Description 

This is the only multiplayer battle in Arena of Valor.

This is a head-on Versus match. It is multiplayer only, and is playable forever.


You can play this match via the Battle Gate, against others who are willing to do the same thing. As it is with other VS matches, you can play with teams of 2 to 4, with 2 teams. You may also select how many forts are on the battlefield, and if you wish to play by time, points, or deaths. There aren't any recommendations for VS quests, due to the fact that there is no way to tell which opponent you'll be facing, or what class they will use.

In this VS you can use gimmicks that can be bought from Silver Hoshipon's Shop such as:

  • Flame thrower
  • Giant Saw
  • Snoworb Cannon
  • Turrent

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