Smash through obstacles, and reach the finish first! This simple but challenging activity sharpens the mind and focuses basic skills
  — Mission Description 

This is a Multiplayer Race at the Racing Alley of Purity.

Racing Alley of Purity


This level cannot be played alone, so recruit your friends and play together. This race can be done with time limits of 5–15 minutes, or no limit at all. The race can also be set so that your whole team has to cross the finish line before you can win. The only strategic move to make on this level is to bring some freeze or knockback resistant armour to avoid being dramatically slowed down by Snoworb Cannons. Remember, expect surprises, because you could end up facing anybody. Be ready to face a Snow Salamanders as well (These can be a threat if you are a low level). Remember, if playing with a time limit, play it quickly.

In this VS you can use gimmicks that can be bought from Silver Hoshipon's Shop such as:

  • Flamethrower and Fort
  • Giant Saw and Fort
  • Turrent and Fort

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