Before the mission, Meden says, " Great Kami be brave! Gong is a known as a mighty Zigoton warrior. I'm confident that you'll succeed! You've defeated him in the past!"

Battle at Mt. GonrokEdit

"Gong says, "My warrior's spirit is more important then orders! My ancestors would be ashamed if I never crossed swords with you!" What does that even mean?"

MAP: Mt. Gonrok

BGM: Ushishi's Theme

Tatepons are recommend for the Kibaton assaults in this stage.

A wounded Patapon warns you that Gong is not the real threat and that the real threat are the Karmens. He dies and then Gong and his Zigotons attack you, use the Chaka Chaka song to defend while you defeat them. After about two waves of Kibatons, the Karmens ambush the Zigotons and kill them. Then Gong reiterates that the Karmens are the real threat and then retreats. Some more Karmen forts and the battle is over (For more info on passing this level visit Battle At Mt. Gonrok).
Battle at mt gonrok

Back at PatapolisEdit

Meden: Gong was testing you, Great Kami. He wants you to lead us to skies above... ...but it was a bit arrogant of him to think you needed testing... you our bestest Mighty Patapon!

Scout: What's important is that we now know who the true enemy is! Those blasted freaky Karmens!

Meden: We should not worry too much about the Zigoton Army for now. Karmens are the real threat! But it's just such a dirty way of doing things... it's hard to forgive him...

Mist Over Rocky MountainEdit

"The weather over the peak of Mt. Gonrock changes often, so veteran hunters know to always be on their toes. it's said that very rare beasts will appear on the foggiest of days!"

Screen shot 2011-03-17 at 6.14.26 PM

A Babato

MAP: Mt. Gonrok

BGM: Yahoho's Theme

This mountain is home to Babatos , bat creatures that drop Liquids. You can also find the Gold Motsitsi , rare birds that make level 4 meat. They are immune to fire, best killed with non-fever Megapons . If the mountain is covered in fog you can run into gold Zubatto. If you defeat it, it drops the Mud-stained Map, which leads to the Dachara Ruins

Patapon 2 walkthrough Mission 13 Battle at Mt Gonrok07:36

Patapon 2 walkthrough Mission 13 Battle at Mt Gonrok

Next MissionEdit

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