The Motsitsi species is a huntable animal found in all Patapon games. It looks like a Motiti/Mochichi with some gold spots on its body, head and tail feathers.


You get Mystery Meat (Lv 4 Meat) for killing it. It seems to have a better sense of smell than any other animal, is quick to flee when startled, runs for a very long distance, and is immune to fire-element damage. However, it has extremely low health, to the point where a single hit can bring it down. Just like its cousins, it has a bird like cry.


In Patapon, it is rarely found in Sitoto Swamp (more often when it is sunny). It always appears in "Search for a Lucky Star" when it is not raining, resting behind a Picheek.

Patapon 2Edit

In Patapon 2, it is sometimes found in the Bryun Snowfields and the "Mist over Rocky Mountain" mission, especially when it is sunny. In addition to giving Mystery Meat when slain, it usually drops Lv 3 Bones.

Patapon 3Edit

In Patapon 3 you can find this creature near the very end of the first training mission and yields a key when defeated. After that, they relinquish chests. Once its aware of you, it will spit three bubbles at you and run away. The damage dealt by the bubbles is proportional to the level of your units.

They also appear in the Patapon 3 DLC quest Big Beat, Perfect Marching Fest.

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