Level Info

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Mission Type



Bryun Snowfield

Background Music

Kachinkoron's Theme

Ewe and Bunnies at Bryun Snowfield is a hunting mission in Patapon 2. After defeating the enemy presence on Bryun Snowfield, the Patapons are free to hunt the many rare animals populating the tundras- including the so-called "King of the Snowfield".


In the snowfield, there are Snow Kacheeks, Momotis, Rappapas, and the sheep Pekkora which is a lamb Pekkorako.

By attacking the Pekkora for a while, the Pekkorako come out.

Defeat the Pekkora first, as if you don't, after the Pekkorako are finished, the Pekkora will go berserk and start attacking your Patapons. Defeat it quickly afterwards, if you killed the Pekkorako fist.

Hunting the Pekkora for the first time will give you an unopenable box.

The unopenable box unlocks the Dogaeen boss which is in-between Missions 12 and 13.

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