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Momoti (AKA Momochi) is a huntable animal in the Patapon series. It is a rarer version of Motiti .


Momoti looks very similar to its more common cousin, Motiti, being a flightless bird with a round black body, long, thin legs, and a small head with a long beak. Its distinguishing features are a thick, jagged, pink stripe along its body, and a small tuft of tail feathers (compared to the long feathers of Motiti and Motsitsi).
Huntable birds

Momochi (to the right)

Their flesh is marbled and is apparently even tastier than that of the Motiti (unlike its cousin's), being said to have the consistency of cotton candy (Dream Meat). However, Patapons prefer a heartier meal.

In Patapon 3, when startled, Momiti shoots three bubbles at your Patapons before running away, however that attack does little damage.


In the original Patapon, Momotis were first discovered in the Tamaran desert, although extremely rarely and only during a rainstorm. They were more common in the Heave-Ho Oasis, being present in any weather. They were also a very common sight in Sitoto Swamp, occasionally accompanied by the even rarer Motsitsi.

In Patapon 2, Momotis could appear in many areas, including Tochira Beach, Mt. Gonrok, Nyokiri Swamp, and Bryun Snowfield. They apparently preferred clear weather in this game.


Momotis are much like Motitis in behavior, resting in a ball until disturbed. Once startled by approaching hunters or a wayward attack, the creature rises up, squawks loudly, and runs a certain distance before going back to sleep. As such, a successful hunting party will attack from the greatest possible range, wait to be upwind of the Momoti, or hunt in the rain.

Compared to Motitis, Momotis are more difficult to hunt, featuring keener senses, strong noses, greater durability, less pause before fleeing, and a greater flight distance. They also tend to live near more aggressive creatures, such as Poocheeks and Parcheeks. However, they are also vulnerable to fire weapons (except gold Momoti), and their increased health still drops quite quickly even without their weakness. Like any bird their cries are bird like.


  • Tatepons and Kibapons are the worst units when hunting for Momotis, as they are close range attackers and the Momoti's keen sense of smell alert them of the hunters' presence.

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