Meden assistant

Meden's Assistant as seen in Patapon 2.


Meden's Assistant is a minor character appearing in Patapon 1 and Patapon 2. As the name suggests, he acts as Meden's direct subordinate, giving helpful hints to the Mighty One, reporting on current events, or generally assisting the Priestess in her duties.

He is a constant source of humor in the Patapon universe, especially during his appearances in cutscenes.


Meden's Assistant appears to be a regular Yaripon equipped with an Iron Spear and a Wooden Helm.


In accordance wth the usual role of a Yaripon, he may be part of a scouting party or the Patapon army itself. He is normally seen during cutscenes in Patapolis, informing Meden of an emergency.

During the course of the game, Meden soon grows rather annoyed of his constant appearances, in at some point even finishes his sentences. An example of this is when he obtains information about the catapult in Sitoto Swamp:

Meden's Assistant: "Priestess Meden, a catapult has-"

Meden: "...been discovered, yes?"


  • Meden's assistant is unnamed in all of his appearances.
  • Despite Meden's claim that she is the only Patapon who can speak to Almighty, the assistant is also capable of communicating with the Almighty. An example of this is during Meden's absence.