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Bonedeth, Cyclops, Golem, Salamander, Ganodias

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Archfiend of Justice

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Yahoho's Theme, Tik Tak Tok Rock

Though the Archfiend of Justice was dispelled from the ancient castle, it is now overrun by a horde of evil beasts. Explore the castle and uncover the secret of its dark depths!
  — Mission Description 

Suggested: Lv13+ / Reward: ?

This is the second mission at the Castle of Justice, and is later renamed Mobile Biofortress Ganodias.

Floor 1Edit

Directly at the start, the Talking Sign will tell you to dance before opening certain doors. Jump up and pull the switch to open up the first door. In this room, a Cyclops and six elite Yumideth with Sleepy Bows will be encountered. Kill them and pull the next switch to open the next door. In the next room, you battle a Cyclops, four elite Yumideth with sleepy bows, and four elite Yarideth with critical spears. Beat them and open up the next door by jumping and pulling the switch. The next room is exactly the same, but has five Yumideth and Yarideth, along with the Cyclops. Pull the switch and enter the next room. Enter the next room to find a Cyclops, six Yumideth, and six Yarideth. Pull the switch and enter the next room, which is close to the end. This room has a Golem, a Cyclops, four Yarideth, and four Yumideth. Kill them and begin drumming the party song (Pata-Pon-Don-Chaka). Some meteors will rain dance over you, but they do little damage. Continue with the Party song until a chest appears on top of Hatapon. Use the jump song (Don-Don-Chaka-Chaka) to get it. Then open the door using the lever. The room after this contains a Golem, a Cyclops, and six Yumideth. Kill them and pull the switch, then go to the next room. This is the last room. Just break the door to reach the goal. Choose to proceed or return to your Hideout.

Floor 2Edit

"Massive outbreak of Salamanders! The upper floors are doused in a fiery haze. Absolute fire-resistance required!"
  — Floor description 

Break down the door and prepare for a massive battle. A line of rocks and grass line this chamber, and Bonedeth, a Cyclops, and a Lava Salamander will try to attack you. Beat them and keep moving. More Bonedeth and another Salamander lumber over to you. Beat them too. Two more Salamanders and a Cyclops will join them in battle. Some Yumideth and a tiny Cyclops will also fight you. Kill them all and break down the door. This next room has another line of rocks and grass, and the enemies you'll face here are four Lava Salamanders, four Cyclops, some Bonedeth, after surviving the onslaught, break down the door and grab a level 11 Golden Chest, and reach the goal. Decide to proceed or not.

Floor 3Edit

"The Archfiend of Justice is gone, but a new weapon of massive destruction awaits you!"
  — Floor description 

Main article: Ganodias''

On this floor, you'll battle Ganodias, and upgraded version of Kanogias. For information on beating this boss, click on the link. Once dead, Ganodias drops a key. Move ahead and break down the door to reach a level 9 Golden Chest and the goal.

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