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Map 1


Karmen, Ormen Karmen

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Patapon-Eating Plant Shookle

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Big Battle At Ekkora Oasis


Menkame Jungle

Background Music

Pikkurakotta's Theme

As the name suggests, you will meet the Karmen Generals. You do not want to alert the Karmens. Do not get into Fever Mode or use any song that may cause your Patapons to attack (ChakaChaka, PonPon, PonChaka), or you'll alert the enemies.

In order to avoid entering Fever mode, you will have to break the combo by purposely missing a note. Once you reach the tower, stop using the drums all together. You'll see the three Karmen generals talking. They are worried about Gong and the Zigotons using a catapult to siege Sokshi Gate. So they take off with the army. After they leave with a large amount of Karmen, you can start attacking them. When you destroy the altar-like structure, the Karmen sleeping on top will float around and attack you. His name is Ormen Karmen. Just ignore him and advance. You'll notice that he says certain phrases before performing certain attacks. This is the key to figuring out which attack he'll do. Take a look at those and it'll benefit you later. Besides Ormen Karmen, there aren't many enemies. Just destroy some structures and march. You'll reach the end of the mission sooner than you think. Back in Patapolis, you learn that the Ormen Karmen is the leader of the Karmen tribe.

  • The generals, discussing about the catapult.
Ormen Karmen's attacks are very annoying and cause moderate damage, but you will find lots of health potions to keep you alive. Mahopons would be helpful here, but you may have a difficult time finding any seeds or  juices. Gancheek will give you Level 1 seeds, and can be found in the mission Mystery Of The Sandstorms In The Desert on days when there is a sandstorm. Babatto will give you Level 1 juices on occasion, and can be found on Mt. Gonrok in the mission Fog On Mt.Gonrok on foggy days.

Ormen Karmen can summon fireballs ("Dance my flames!") and lightning strikes. He can also use sleep gas on you ("Now where did that mask go?"), which spells trouble for your army, as you do not yet have the DonChaka song. When he pulls out his gas mask, use the PonPata song to avoid this attack.


  • If you go into Fever Mode in this level at the begining, a huge amount of powerful Karmen soldiers will attack you with a lot of fire weapons. Usually, it also means that the mission is failed, since those troops kill Patapons very quickly.
  • Ormen Karmen's health is infinite, so you can't kill him. You must endure his attacks.
  • This mission is impossible to beat without cheats, as even if you do get past the horde of karmen, the army will respawn repeatedly pushing you back to about halfway about every 40 seconds.