Patapons fought with their lives to topple the lord of the snow field, found frozen in Lake Kochikachi, for only its meat could help them survive the winter. (*) This quest appears only rarely.
  — Mission Description 
Manboth, Lord of the Snow Field

Manboth, Lord of the Snow Field

Suggested: Lv20+ / Reward: ?

Main article: Manboth

This is the fifth mission in the Snow Field of Sullied Tears, and appears only rarely.

In this mission you'll fight a very strong Manboth. When defeated, he'll drop a gold or jeweled chest.


In this mission, Manboth is incredibly strong against lower level players, so don't go alone if you are below level 20. When fighting this boss, be sure to bring both heavily defensive armour and weapons with a good critical percentage and with high fire rate to shatter the ice on Manboth. Remember to dodge Manboth's attacks. If you aren't very defensively equipped, or you only have low health, a single attack could end the battle. Also, Manboth can freeze everything around it with a single move, including itself, so make sure to snatch that chance to heal or whip out at full force at Manboth with PonChaka~PonPon. If you wish to finish this battle quickly, bring some freeze-resistant equipment to avoid the need to use the DonChaka song too much in battle.

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