Location Info

Goruru and Black Hoshipon at Magic Hill Zozozo


Patapon 2, Wallpaper in Patapon 3

Enemies Encountered

Black Hoshipon, Garuru, Goruru

Relative Location in Patapon World

World's Core

Theme Associated With Location

Gyorogyoro's Theme

Missions Located Here

Evil At the World's Core, Underworld Servant Garuru

Magic Hill Zozozo is a location in Patapon 2. It also appears in a wallpaper in Patapon 3.


Magic Hill Zozozo is a strangely shaped hill located at the World's Core. It was once the location of the World Egg before it was broken. The hill itself and the area surrounding it has a reddish hue. The hill looks like a skeleton's face. Magic Hill Zozozo is most notable for being the location of the Goruru/Garuru battle.

Evil At the World's CoreEdit

Garuru 2

Magic Hill Zozozo can be seen behind Garuru.

Main article: Goruru

In the mission Evil At the World's Core, Black Hoshipon appears and angrily tells the Patapons that she won't forgive them for killing Dark One and Kuwagattan. Black Hoshipon then unleashes Goruru (aka Gorl), the Final Boss from the previous game. In this case, though, he is orange in colouration. Goruru is capable of rarely using the Tornado Wind and Freezing Laser of Garuru. Once Goruru is defeated, the mission will change to "Underworld Servant Garuru".

Underworld Servant Garuru Lv. 2+Edit

Main article: Garuru

After defeating Goruru, a more powerful version of Goruru called Garuru will become available to battle. He has a slightly greater likely-hood of using the Tornado Wind and Freezing Laser.


  • Magic Hill Zozozo is not directly named in Patapon 2.
  • Magic Hill Zozozo is the location of Garuru's Egg in the Patagate.

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