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Once Upon A Time In Pata-Pole

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Underworld Tank Zugagang Rebuilt

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Ponbekedatta's Theme

In this mission you fight Ganodias; a powerful upgraded version of Kanogias. The attack pattern is pretty much the same except it has a new attack that is extremely strong.  See here for more info.

When defeated, Ganodias Lv.1 drops an egg for the Ganodias battle in the Patagate.

At Lv.3 Ganodias will drop the Earthquake Miracle, which is useful for staggering bosses.



Ganodias fighting against a Mogyu army.

Ganodias is a strong boss, but if you have a good army, he's easy to beat. If he swings his wrecking ball or coughs up a bomb, make sure to use the Pon Pata command to escape them, as the bomb inflicts status effects and the wrecking ball has high damage. If his turrets turn about and your army doesn't have high stamina, it may be best to run or you will take a lot of damage, not to mention it will likely put your army under the sleep status effect. He also has an Ultimate cannon attack that comes up out of his head, and it when it fires it insta-kills any unit on the field, use Don Don command at all costs unless you have a Tatepon Hero in hero mode, even if you must cancel Fever Mode.