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Once Upon A Time In Pata-Pole

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Underworld Tank Zugagang Rebuilt

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Ponbekedatta's Theme

In this mission you fight Ganodias; a powerful upgraded version of Kanogias. The attack pattern is pretty much the same except it has a new attack that is extremely strong.  See here for more info.

When defeated, Ganodias Lv.1 drops an egg for the Ganodias battle in the Patagate.

At Lv.3 Ganodias will drop the Earthquake Miracle, which is useful for staggering bosses.



Ganodias fighting against a Mogyu army.

Ganodias is a strong boss, but if you have a good army, he's easy to beat. Just use DonDon when he uses Ultimate Destruction Cannon, and you will surely beat him. He often uses this when you are out of Fever or lose Hero Mode or any other things that take away the opportunity to defeat him, so be careful, as it will wipe out your entire army with one blow if you don't evade it in time.

Ganodias is weak to knockback and ice based weapons.

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