Liquid minigame


Patapon 2

Dropped by Level 3 or higher Manboth


  • Level 1: 50 Ka-Ching
  • Level 2: 100 Ka-Ching
  • Level 3: 150 Ka Ching


Tsun Tunpon (Blue) Tsuku Tsukupon (Red)


If a blue dot crosses over the line, press the" □"button. If a red dot crosses over the line, press the" ○"button. If a bar crosses the line then hold the corresponding button until the end of the bar.


Depending on how well you did, you'll get one of these liquids:

  • Familiar Liquid --- (Miss more than one note on any level)
  • Hot Liquid --- (Perfect performance on Level 1) (Miss one note on Level 2)
  • Cold Liquid --- (Perfect performance on Level 2) (Miss one note Level 3)
  • Rainbow Liquid --- (Perfect performance on Level 3)




  • This is the only Minigame where the machine doesn't have a name.
  • As you advance, the machine's moustache and eyebrows get bigger. Then it gets to it's smallest form when the minigame is finished.
  • This is the only minigame that has two Patapons.
  • You also notice that the machine is a bit sleepy at first.
  • Tsun and Tsuku makes snake eyes after a minigame noting that they excel at making liquids although this retains even if you made a bad ending.