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Legendary Fiend Gorl Quest Info

Legendary Fiend Gorl

The fiend that tormented the Patapons long, long ago has returned to this world, its teeth and claws much sharper after a long exile in the Underworld! Send it back before it endangers this world! (*) This quest appears only rarely.
  — Mission Description 

Suggested: Lv? / Reward: Iron/Gold/Jeweled Chest Lv?

This is the fifth and optional mission at the Volcano Zone of the Lazy Demon, and only appears rarely.


In this mission, you'll fight with Gorl (Goruru). It has the same attacks and moves as it did in the previous two games. Due to it being the 2nd rarest boss to be seen in the game, and all of your units being able to hit it while it transforms and doing more damage, Gorl isn't as much of a challenge compared to the previous two games. Defeating it gets you a Jeweled Chest or a Gold Chest between Levels 20-25. The only difference between this Gorl and the others from previous games is that they can't enter Rage Mode and troops aren't damaged when stepped on.


Patapon 3 Legendary Fiend Gorl Playthrough02:38

Patapon 3 Legendary Fiend Gorl Playthrough

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