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Patapon 2

Complete Misson 14.


  • Level 1: 1 Level 1-3 Material
    Minigame 2

    Kururu Beruru Sleeping.

  • Level 2: 3 Level 1-3 Materials

    My famous dance !!!

  • Level 3: 5 Level 1-3 Materials


Kururu Beruru

Kururu Beruru, with Shuraba Yapon.

Shuraba Yapon and Kururu the Bell. Shuraba is a long haired musician Patapon who gives lessons to Kururu. Shuruba appears after beating the fourteenth mission (Patapon 2) and has a maestros suit and baton. Kururu on the other hand has long white hair and a dress. Kururu dances to the music hat Shuraba's music and in result drops ka-ching .


Press the circle button as the dots cross over the line. When a long line of dots comes towards the line, press "O" fast as you can to rack up ka-ching.


The rarer the materials you give, and the better you do, the more ka-ching you get at the end (nearly from 10-20 to 1000-1100).

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