Kururu beruru

Kururu Beruru the dancing bell.

Kururu Beruru is a dancing bell that takes lessons from Shuraba Yapon. She has white angelic hair, and a nice smile. She appears to be wearing a dress, but its probably the design of her bell. Kururu Beruru appears in Patapon 2 during a minigame in which the player must press the O button in time with the music to make her dance. You will receive Ka-ching on the last part of the minigame. The Ka-Ching you will receive will vary from how quick and timely you press the O button.


  • Kururu's name comes from the Japanese word kurukuru (クルクル) meaning "round and round," hence her ability to spin; and beruru from "bell (ベル)."


Patapon 2 Minigames - Shuraba Yapon (Bell)

Patapon 2 Minigames - Shuraba Yapon (Bell)

How to play the minigame