Komupon egg minigame

Komupons are CPU-controlled Heroes that appear in Patapon 2.

They are usable in the Patagate, where up to three Komupon can be selected to accompany the Hero. New Komupons are obtained by breaking the eggs when completing new Patagate missions.

In addition to the differences in equipment, species, and abilities, Komupons have different personalities that affect their style of combat.
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Komupon selection screen

Below is a list of the 25 Komupons found in the game.


Okishi (Starter):Edit


All it takes to make it through battle are trustworthy allies by your side! Keep believing this, and he will appear on the battlefield.
Weapon: Steel Spear
Mask: Jirin
Type: Buhyokko

Moribu (Centura egg):Edit


Too quick for his own good! He'll do whatever he wants and upset the Patapon Generals. What a horrible team player!
Weapon: Ancient Spear
Mask: Sutattan
Type: Uuhoho

Pondere (Oasis battle egg):Edit


An over-confident spear-weilder unconscious of his weakness to fire. He's very very strong, but he might bring about his own end.
Weapon: Great Fire Spear
Mask: Merachiize
Type: Moriussoo


Kabon (Starter):Edit


Heroes come back with full strength no matter how many times they fall... if you ask this romantic, he'd say this is the "Power of Love".
Weapon: Iron Sword
Shield: Steel Shield
Helm: Steel Helm
Mask: Gashishi
Type: Normal

Kyuro (Sword Summit egg):Edit


Very gentle and powerful too! And his endurance is legendary! But he hates uncivilized discourse... so he won't be doing much attacking.
Weapon: Giant Sword 'The Butcher'
Shield: Ultra Heavy Shield
Mask: Donpisha
Type: Mofuuru

Bakun (Shookle egg):Edit


The Horseman of Pata-Pon-calypse, his fatal strength and bravery is feared by many! Sadly, he's not the brightest of bulbs.
Weapon: Great God Armour (General Gong's Scythe)
Shield: Wood Shield
Mask: Gochigachidesu
Type: Puuhyonku


Lutecci (Starter):Edit


"I want to grow up, pon!" He goes out on the battlefield to earn Ka-ching. He thinks he's not strong enough but he'll give it all he's got!
Weapon: Steel Bow
Mask: Biyoyo
Type: Nyontama

Hassh (Gaeen egg):Edit


He loves firing off his bow. He loves it even more than three meals a day! He spends all his day at the target range, and neglects the rhythms.
Weapon: Piercing Bow
Mask: Zubizuba
Type: Chikkuri

Markyu (Ciokina egg):Edit


With his strong body, he can take down any prey, and he has the accuracy to match his strength. He does credit to his clan.
Weapon: Great Ice Bow
Mask: Kakkokingu
Type: Gekoronpa


Silba (Dodonga egg):Edit


He appears on horseback, riding where none dare tread! His form must be that of a true warrior!
Weapon: Iron Halberd
Horse: Lightning Horse
Mask: Nonburu
Type: Sabara

Ladodon (Pharamatara egg):Edit


Clad in crimson armor, he shouts, when you see them, strike! Strike! Don't look away, strike! Strike! I don't care who I'm facing, just strike!!!
Weapon: Flame Halberd
Horse: Crimson Horse
Mask: Dameranya
Type: Pyokora

Magmag (Karmen Gate egg):Edit


A long-serving hero with strong magic to freeze enemies. He's an aggressive attacker, contrary to what his cute name would suggest.
Weapon: Great Thunder Lance
Horse: Deep Impact
Mask: Babiriino
Type: Gyabaan


Buruch (Karmen egg):Edit


"Come out, come out!" He taunts and then charges towards the enemies with his enviable strength! He's tough but lacks good teamwork skills.
Weapon: Iron Hammer
Shoulder: Iron Shoulder
Mask: Ototo
Type: Pyopyo

Germa (Manboth egg):Edit


Hits his subordinates in the back with a nail bat. According to him, that's the best way to get them to work...
Weapon: Nail Studded Bat
Shoulder: Thunder Shoulder
Mask: Dosshiri
Type: Koppen

Goldon (Kanogias egg):Edit


A long-serving hero with an iron shield and bronzed body. His movements are slowed by the presence of such heavy armour.
Weapon: Morning Star "Giganto"
Shoulder: Great Shoulder Gigas
Mask: Hirarinmaru
Type: Baasara


Natolie (Mochichichi egg):Edit


Shouting in a loud voice, he dices through all enemies! However, he's a bit of a coward who runs at the first sign of danger to himself.
Weapon: Steel Horn
Armour: Wind Mantle
Mask: Gurara
Type: Mogyu

Rolent (Ice Fortress egg):Edit


His magnificent voice will lull all around him to sleep. But he gets so wrapped up in his songs that he often forgets his surroundings...
Weapon: Cioking's Horn
Mantle: Silk Cape
Mask: Mekororinyo
Type: Gyopicchi

Serime (Underworld tank Zugagang egg):Edit


A brilliant musician with perfect pitch. His songs carry magic on them to drive anyone who hears them into a frenzy.
Weapon: Magic Flute Hamlin
Mantle: Dragon Mantle
Mask: Kacchinko
Type: Suppen


Neoja (Goruru egg):Edit


Flying high in the sky, he runs enemies through with his frozen harpoon! Even his own allies in battle don't know what he looks like.
Weapon: Ice Javelin
Bird: Blue Bird
Mask: Kachinkon
Type: Mashu

Sibou (Cioking egg):Edit


A long-serving warrior with always-searching eyes. The rain of harpoons he drops over the battlefield take enemies down quickly.
Weapon: Drum Javelin
Bird: Garuda
Mask: Shubabiya
Type: Kanokyon

Artom (Zuttankarmen egg):Edit


The greatest warrior, written about in legend! The Patapon among Patapons! Anyone who tastes his power will be in for trouble...
Weapon: Magic Javelin Gaebolg
Bird: Magic Bird Onmoraki
Mask: Myuutan
Type: Babassa


Seren (Fenicci egg):Edit


A gentle giant with the heart of a child. But once you set him off, no one can stop him.
Weapon #1: Brick Arm
Weapon #2: Brick Arm
Mask: Pokapoka
Type: Fumyaaru

Baryun (Dettankarmen egg):Edit


Within this hero's gentle heart hides a ferocious warrior. When he gets mad... that's when the real hurting starts.
Weapon #1: Great Ice Arm
Weapon #2: Ice Arm
Mask: Subasara
Type: Mogyuun


Rantan (Zaknel egg):Edit


An Idol Patapon loved by all, overflowing with charm and an amazing smile. However, he's not much of an attacker, so use him as a healer.
Weapon: Soothing Staff
Boot/Shoes: Wing Boots
Mask: Chittoriyo
Type: Wandaba

Prati (Kacchindonga egg):Edit


His powerful Juju ranks him as the greatest magician in the Patapon world. Those who try to stand in his way will be fried by rains of shooting stars.
Weapon: Heaven Staff
Shoes: Magic Shoes Lilith
Mask: Dongyugyu
Type: Mashuro

Stats TableEdit

A full list of all obtainable Komupons with stats, name, and class.

Name Class HP Damage Attack Speed R Ignite% R Freeze% R Sleep% Crit % KB % Cnc % Ignite % Freeze % Sleep %
Okishi Yaripon 140 10-21 2.20 30 0 40 25 60 25 0 0 0
Kabon Tatepon 270 5-20 2.00 0 0 0 5 10 45 0 0 0
Lutecci Yumipon 130 7-13 2.00 20 0 0 65 0 5 0 0 0
Silba Kibapon 220 10-17 2.00 20 0 20 70 10 10 0 0 0
Buruch Dekapon 350 2-41 2.00 0 20 0 5 50 30 0 0 0
Natolie Megapon 165 2-28 1.96 50 0 20 5 0 20 0 0 0
Moribu Yaripon 170 10-26 0.96 30 0 30 65 80 55 25 25 25
Kyuro Tatepon 420 5-170 7.92 -40 60 0 65 90 75 0 0 0
Hassh Yumipon 170 15-27 0.96 0 -20 0 85 0 5 0 0 30
Ladodon Kibapon 230 15-23 2.00 0 20 0 70 30 20 20 0 0
Germa Dekapon 430 2-71 1.80 10 10 0 35 50 40 0 40 0
Rolent Megapon 170 29-36 1.60 20 0 20 65 0 30 30 0 100
Neoja Toripon 200 15-37 2.00 0 0 10 50 100 15 0 100 20
Seren Robopon 270 15-20 1.40 0 30 0 80 5 35 0 0 0
Rantan Mahopon 175 35-36 1.80 80 20 -20 5 0 35 0 0 0
Pondere Yaripon 620 19-32 2.00 -50 0 30 45 80 210 180 0 0
Bakun Tatepon 380 55-882 6.60 0 0 0 5 10 125 0 0 0
Markyu Yumipon 220 27-34 2.00 0 0 0 265 0 5 0 80 0
Magmag Kibapon 400 41-80 1.60 100 0 0 90 10 40 130 0 0
Goldon Dekapon 550 16-245 6.00 0 0 50 155 110 70 0 0 0
Serime Megapon 200 11-25 2.60 20 50 20 5 25 30 25 125 25
Sibou Toripon 360 47-74 0.36 0 0 0 95 115 60 0 0 0
Baryun Robopon 405 18-189 2.52 0 0 0 40 5 65 0 120 0
Prati Mahopon 260 16-77 3.60 50 50 100 155 120 25 0 0 120
Artom Toripon 530 53-96 2.00 50 50 50 480 70 65 30 30 30


  • Komu (コム) is a shortened form of Konpyūtā (コンピュータ, computer), which refers to the CPU-controlled nature of these units.
  • Each Komupon has his own personality, which is reflected on their in-game performance. This is evident on the fact that sometimes they don't follow the player's commands, but rather act on their own.
  • The Kibapon Komupon Silba has a powerful horse (Lightning horse), despite being one of the earliest Komupons the player can get.
  • The Robopon and Mahopon classes only have two Komupons each, whereas all the other Patapon classes have three Komupons each.
  • Bakun is the only Komupon which wields unobtainable equipment (Great God Armour).
  • By looking closely at the Komupon Goldon, it is evident that his Baasara "helm" is not properly attached to the body of his sprite.
  • The Komupon Ladodon has similar traits to the Uberhero Pyokorider.
  • Komupons can get more "experienced" with repeated use: when a Komupon has been brought to the battlefield many times, he enters Hero Mode more frequently, and the duration of it lasts longer as well.
  • It says on Goldon's description his armor slows his movement but he is really slowed by his club.
  • Natolie is also a powerful Komupon that the earliest players can get.
  • Toripon Artom is the most powerful Komupon. He will run, if there's any danger, and attack, when there are any enemies.