Keys are special items used in Patapon 3. They are required to unlock certain purple doors in various dungeons and multiplayer dungeons as well. If a key is found while playing online, it will be given to the host of the Hideout. Likewise, if a door requires a key, the key from the host will be used. Any guests will see the host's keys as a grey key, rather than a normal golden key.

Keys can be acquired in several ways, such as:

Keys in multiplayer

The 2 types of keys.

  • Playing all the missions in the Patapon Training Grounds.
  • Found occasionally during the end of a floor of a dungeon.
  • Defeating a dungeon boss for the first time.
  • On the first floor of the Labyrinth of Restraint, if the fire reaches the end of the floor, the fire will disappear, and a key will come out (This will work any time. If repeated, but the key has already been obtained, a Treasure Chest will appear).
  • In the Castle of Justice, if you follow the instructions as the sign have said, you should use PATA-PON-DON-CHAKA in the room with 2 torches so that if you go to the next room, you will see a key, or a chest if you have already obtained the key.

Keys cannot be dismantled, bought, or sold because they are Key Items.

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