Kanodia evo

Kanokkos have a lot of immunities and good damage.

Kanokko (aka Deer-Pon) is a type of Rarepon found in Patapon 2. Its evolutions are called Kanokyon (Level 5) and Kanodia (Level 10). They are light brown in colour, and resemble a deer in appearance, featuring branch-like antlers that grow more larger and elaborate with their evolutions.

To upgrade any of your units into a Kanokko Rarepon, they must first be upgraded into a Chigyobi Rarepon.

Kanokkos are a fairly expensive but powerful Rarepon species. They have no weaknesses, and resist criticals, knockback, and stagger effects (becoming immune at their highest level). They can also inflict the same effects on their opponents, making them a dangerous opponent to a variety of enemies. Compared to a normal Patapon, their HP , Minimum Damage, and Maximum Damage stats are increased significantly, adding to their power. Unlike Mofus, Kanokko's get no weaknesses in terms of resisting certain status effects.

Although the game hails them as "the perfect Patapon", Kanokkos have a few limitations. Their all-around nature does eliminate specific weaknesses, but also means that they may not be as effective as more specialized Rarepons in certain situations. For example, a snowy level with ice-based opponents is more easily conquered with Mofus and Koppens, while Nyontamas are better suited for stormy areas. Kanokkos are also somewhat lacking against Bosses, where they are outshone by Rarepons more focused on stagger and critical effects. Also, they are not resistant to elemental attacks and non-physical status effects (Ignite, Freeze, and Sleep), but equipment of certain classes can help compensate for this.

Nonetheless, Kanokkos are one of the most versatile Patapon species in the game, able to fit in any army especially melee units. Their true worth is in battles with Enemy tribes armed with various types of weapons, where their lack of weaknesses and powerful combat abilities make them especially dangerous to their foes.

Level 1 Description: These Rarepons are made for a full-out fight, with the ability to cause and resist critical, knockback, and stagger. Their abilities improve gradually as they level-up.

Level 5 Description: Great in a full-out fight! With the ability to cause and resist critical, knockback, and stagger. Their abilities improve gradually as they level-up.

Level 10 Description: Experts in a full-out fight! Extremely easy to use, with full critical, knockback, and stagger resistance. They're the perfect Patapon!

Appearance: deer
HP: +200 Crit Ratio: +50%
Damage: +60-60 KB Ratio: +50%
Attack Speed: 0 CNC Ratio: +50%
Resist Ignite: 0 Ignite Ratio: 0
Resist Freeze: 0 Freeze Ratio: 0
Resist Sleep: 0 Sleep Ratio: 0
Immunities: Critical, Knockback, CNC
15x Lv3 18x Lv4 14x Lv3 6x Lv3
Image 1277


Patapon 3Edit

In Patapon 3, Kanokko is a chariot rider called Cannassault. He wields axes, greatswords, and clubs.

His Uberhero Mode, Thwack-Mash, makes him swing his axe in an arc, hitting anything in his way,

Ton as a Cannassault

then attacks with the wheels of his chariot.


  • Evolving any of your Tatepons to Kanokko in Patapon 2 unlocks Robopon's memory.
  • Mofu and Kanokko are the only classes that have the full potential of being immune to 3 status effects.

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