621 Stop! Oh Majestic Patapon! Hear me.

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Level Info



Next Level

Destiny at Nanjaro Hill

Previous Level

Hunting On Tochira Beach


JuJu Jungle

Background Music

Ponbekedatta's Theme

Great Kami.. a deep jungle lies beyond the beach...
 Priestess Meden 

Exploring the Juju JungleEdit

"From Tochira Beach, the Patapons tread into a jungle full of tropical flora. What do they find blocking their way? Is it demons? Snakes? No... it's the Karmen!"
Exploring the juju jungle

Pan Tatepon in the juju jungle

After destroying the two walls that are in your way you will be joined by Ban the Tatepon the swordsman of legend. After destroying some more walls you will come on a small group of Karmen. Tatepon should make quick work of them. Destroy the Iron wall and continue. You will come upon a monument with the Chaka song inside. You can't use it yet. Your ally will leave you and mention that you need to get the Mater Sprout from Dodonga. He will also leave the Tatepon Memory and some materials to make Tatepons. One more building stands between you and sweet bagpipe bliss.

Back at PatapolisEdit

Meden: "The great warrior Pan Tatepon is a legendary hero... He'll be the one that restores the Mater Sprout to its full glory! I just know it! Great Kami.. if you could please follow me... must show you something. We need Mater Sprout to return Mater, The Tree of Life back to life. This must be done! There are rumors of Dodonga near the Dongara Ruins past Narjaro Hill... Defeat Dodonga and return the Mater Sprout!"

Training: Obstacle CourseEdit

"How far can you get within the time limit!? Break obstacles to earn items. Breaking through the stone monuments on your way can extend your time, too..."

This mission requires you to destroy obstacles in a time limit. You will not be able to complete this until you can create more units. Kibapons and Megapons are recommended.

Next missionEdit

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