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Oohoroc Level 10 & Wondarappa Level 10


Horns, Twinhorns



Don't expect them to fight, but their sonic balls inflict a cacophony of Status Effects.
  — US In-game description 



In-game description


Lv 39 Jamsch Uberhero (hacked)

Jamsch is an Uberhero in Patapon 3. He is a Mashu Megapon. He wears a Red Mask shaped like a Mushroom. He inflicts little damage, but he can inflict status effects with ease which makes enemies vulnerable to attack.


Jamsch is unlocked by getting Oohoroc and Wondabarappa to level 10.

Jamsch is at level 10 when he is unlocked.

Jamsch evolves at level 12 and at level 20.


Jamsch can use:

Jamsch 3

Kan as a Jamsch.

  • Horns and Capes from unlocking.
  • Twinhorns from level 15.

Hero Mode: Airborne Threat

Fire poisonous spores into the sky to inflict poison damage on all foes. Destination determined by wind.
Jamsch ubhmode

Jamsch using Airborne Threat



Jamsch produces a green cloud of poison spores that drift around and
damage nearby enemies. These spores can inflict many status effects, but most often cause sleep and poison, depending on the horn/twinhorn he equips. Poison spores have piercing effect, however they do not inflict Stagger, Knockback or Critical hits. Spores are affected by the wind direction, so a tailwind will cause them to travel forward. Without tailwind, his Uberhero Mode is not effective. If the wind is against you, then Uberhero Mode is quite useless. Very useful with attack speed at 0.50 or less. Jamsch can achieve attacking speed of 0.14 or less by equipping Samurai Helm or Shubaba Gale Helm with Spriggan's Song and Freja's Cape. Further equipping the Set Skill Tropical Tailwind makes you difficult to be approached.

Class Skills


1.5 x sleep rate for sonic balls! This skill is upgraded by hitting foes with sonic balls. Fully upgrading this skill unlocks Flame On.

Flame On

Flame On
1.5 x burn rate for flaming sonic balls emitted with charge attack! Is unlocked by fully upgrading Catnap. This skill is upgraded by hitting structures with sonic balls. Fully upgrading this skill unlocks Poison Panic.

Poison Panic

Poison Panic
Poison rate for sonic balls +20%! Airborne Threat is more deadly! Enemies are poisoned more easily! It is unlocked by fully upgrading Flame On. This skill is upgraded by attacking repeatedly. Fully upgrading this skill unlocks Doom Shroom.

NOTE: If you are using the Defend song then Jamsch fires sonic balls at close range, you will not gain any experience for this particular Class Skill.

Doom Shroom

Doom Shroom
When Jamsch finishes a foe, a mushroom grows at that spot, and additional poison spores agonize foes. It is unlocked by fully upgrading Poison Panic. This skill is upgraded by dealing the final hit that defeats enemies. Fully upgrading this skill gives you a welcome bonus of +10% to all status effects.

Set Skills

Jamsch originally equips three set skills. From level 20 he can equip another set skill, for a total of four set skills.


Icky Poison

Doubles Poison rate. Unlocked at level 13.


Out Cold

Foes are put to sleep four times longer than usual! Learned at level 18.



When an attack hits and kills a foe, 10% chance of a poisonous mushroom sprouting from that spot. Learned at level 25.


Peerless Mushroom

Uberhero Only. Nullifies all fire and poison, but maximum stamina is reduced to 25%. Learned at level 32.


Level Stamina Defence
10 1680 5
11 2106 5
12 2386 5
13 2789 5
14 3226 5
15 3696 5
16 4200 5
17 4738 5
18 5309 5
19 5914 5
20 6552 5
21 7224 5
22 7930 5
23 8669 5
24 9442 5
25 10248 5
26 11088 5
27 11962 5
28 12869 5
29 13810 5
30 14784 5
31 15792 5
32 16834 5
33 17909 5
34 19018 5
35 20160 5
36 21336 5
37 22546 5
38 23789 5
39 25066 5
40 26376 5

For more statistics, go to the Patapon 3 Uberhero Statistics page.


  • Jamschcharge

    Jamsch's charge attack

    On the Patapon 3 Website and in the Patapon 3 Wallpaper, Jamsch wears shoes, similar to the ones Pingrek and Oohoroc wear. He still only equips capes as armor, however.
  • When equipped with an Ice horn, Jamsch's charge attack will release a freezing Crawling Sonic attack.
    Jamusshu fighting Megadeths

    Jamsch fighting Megadeths.

  • Jamsch's mask at Lv.10 is orange, but it turns red and then dark red as he levels up.
  • When Kan dies as a Jamsch you will see him drop a Megapon cap. And when he is still shaped like a Mashu, you can see him wear a Megapon cap in battle.
  • In the 1st floor of the level Archfiend of Earnestness, you will see Megadeths using the charge attack (flaming sonic balls) of Jamsch instead of Wondabarappa's.
  • Kan can be useful as Jamsch when using Yarigami's Sutra, as Jamsch will attack constantly until the Djinn stops.
  • This however, doesn't work with Uberhero Jamsch, as Yarigami's Sutra activates Hero Mode instead.
  • Jamsch is a Mushroom, and some mushrooms are poisonous if eaten, thus his poisonous abilities.
    Image 1233

    Jamsch equipped with a Flame Horn and a Fire Cape.

  • Jamsch is one of the fastest Uberheroes in the game besides Alosson.
  • Jamsch's last skill, Doom Shroom, is a reference to the name of a plant in Plants vs Zombies.
  • If you have a horn that can deal loads of damage, you can use the CHAKA CHAKA drum command to let Jamsch fire loads of status effect balls that can deal damage, at a fast attack speed. The Hero Mode Jamsch has is more based on dealing poison because of this.
  • Jamsch and Wondabarappa can equip Capes, however, if you look closely, the normal Uberhero cape is still there.
  • Peerless Mushroom's decrease of HP can be easily nullified if you are using the Set Skill Peerless Tree (Bowmunk) or Peerless Hedgehog (Alosson) to gain all the HP you have lost.

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