BGM: Moudamepon's Theme

Map: Dachara Ruins

This mission is numbered 11, but its location is to the left of the Centura mission. In other words, the location is between Missions 8 and 9. Be sure to equip the Rain Miracle or the Storm Miracle again, because it's another invisible monster. Darantula is an upgraded version of Centura. Darantura shares Centura 's attack patterns and has one more attack. See "Darantula" for more information. If you really want to have a taste, go ahead but be well prepared.

Because the actual boss itself it weaker then other bosses and the music has an upbeat theme, it is a great mission to raise your mood.

When defeated, it drops Lv.1 egg of Darantula fight.

After you defeat Darantula at Lv.2, you will get the Duck and Cover Juju. This Juju raises the whole defence of your army.

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