Hyumitto BD

Boss Type:

Dragon Puppy



Damage Resistance:




Signature Moves:

Darkdragon Breath

Other Monsters in Relation

Dragon Puppy, Dragon


Hyumitto is an extremely large Dragon Puppy, sporting a black and silver hide, red eyes, a purple crest, and white claws.

Patapon 3Edit

Hyumitto appears as the boss at the end of the Depths of Gluttony, where even a red Bonedeth door guards the way.


Claw SwipeEdit

He will run up close to you, first holding his claws to himself, then slashing twice with his claws. This may cause poison, sleep and stagger. The dodge song is the fastest way to avoid this.

Dark DragonbreathEdit


Hyumitto unleashing its Dark Dragonbreath.

Hyumitto will hold his head up, before lowering his head and release a stream of poison/sleep-inducing breath. Once Hyumitto has reached less than half of his life, the dragonbreath will lengthen a considerably longer distance. Jumping will avoid both best, but dodging the attack is possible if you are far away enough.

Tail WhipEdit

Often after finishing up using Claw Swipe, Hyumitto may quickly turn around, and swing his tail in your direction. This causes Knockback and Stagger. Being slightly unpredictable, dodging the attack may work if the timing is right.


  • The entrance to Hyumitto's lair is blocked with a red Bonedeth door, similar to many other bosses.
  • Hyumitto's lair is also filled with respawning Dragon puppies, Deaths, and Fenrirs.
  • If you are close enough, Hyumitto's Dark Breath will go straight to the ground.
  • Hyumitto's Dark Breath is similar to Reaper's Sleep Gas, only that Hyumitto's is bigger and far more powerful.

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