Hunting On Nyokiri Swamp is a hunting mission in Patapon 2.

MAP: Nyokiri Swamp

BGM: Awon's Theme
UCES-01177 11213191936 141


As the mission description suggests, you can get a Miracle by finding a Secret. You need to play this mission and get the miracle before entering mission 8, otherwise you'll fail that mission no matter how many times you try. Of course, there's also plenty of meat to gather, so jump right in!

You'll find normal Kacheeks, Swamp Kacheeks (a blue-spotted subspecies with more durability than standard ones), and Momoti (a pink Mochichi with rarer meat). They can all be hunted with your previous tactics, but remember that the Momoti is weak to fire. More important to note, however, are the less peaceful creatures lurking in the swamp. Initially, you'll meet both, but in later runs, expect them to differ with the weather.

On rainy days you'll find Parcheek, a crab monster disguised as a yellow-spotted Kacheek. Once disturbed by an attack or advancing Patapons, it will turn into a crab-like monster. It uses a sleep-inducing bubble attack and a wicked pincer slam, which are very similar to Cioking and Ciokina's attacks. At this point, you can only defend against the assault, but a sustained barrage of blows should deal with it before it can deliver the more damaging pincer attack.

On rain-free (and usually wind-free) days you'll find Uji, a swamp shark. If Uji is there, be careful as it can consume one of your Patapons, including the Hero. If your Hero gets eaten, he won't be revived during the mission, which means you'll need to go back to the Patapolis and use Mater, The Tree of Life to revive him, just like regular Patapons fallen during combat. On the other hand, Uji is a sitting duck after eating a Patapon, so attack its retreating fin and give it a sound thrashing. You'll get a Gizaza Fang for your efforts.

When you come across a Funny-looking Totem Pole, don't get too close. Keep about 1 and half march distances away, enough so that the totem is completely visible on the screen. Drum the sequence written on the totem like a regular sequence from top to bottom, ignoring your Patapons' complaints at the foreign melody. If you perform it correctly, the totem will dance and grow taller. Repeat three more times, and the Rain Miracle will pop out. Pick it up and hunt any remaining prey to your heart's content.

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