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Throughout the Patapon series, you will encounter many Huntable Animals. They are not actually enemies of the

Patapons hunting for animals

Patapons, but they can be killed for Meat and other materials. Some animals even relinquish weapons, special items to unlock new missions, or minigames.

There are many types of animals in the game. Most are passive, fleeing if attacked or approached, but some are hostile, and will fight back against the Patapons who hunt them. Use the list below to distinguish the many species, or else your army could be the ones being hunted!

Kacheek and False Kacheek



  • Kacheek - A large, boar-like beast that inhabits all of the hunting areas in various forms. They drop Fangs, and turn into Meats when brought back to Patapolis.


    There are several location-specific versions of the Kacheek- Snow, Swamp, and Desert. They have different markings from the Kacheek, are usually stronger, and drop rarer items.
  • Parcheek- This vicious False Kacheek seems to be related to Cioking. They appear to be Kacheek with yellow markings. But get too close, and it morphs into a large and dangerous crab. They first appear in Nyokkirri Swamp. After defeating them there, they become common in the Tochira Beach hunting mission as well. They can put your Patapons to sleep with bubbles and attack them with their claws. They drop Blunt and Hard Alloys.
  • Poocheek- Another False Kacheek, this one is found only on Mount


    Gonrok. Taking the appearance of red Kacheek, if you get too close they will morph into flying monsters similar to a beetle. They attack by ramming their horns into your front lines. Poocheek drop rare fangs.
  • Gancheek- A False Kacheek that initially has purple markings. After attacking them, they will morph into a snail and attempt to slowly flee.


    They do not stop fleeing like other animals, but continue moving until they are either killed or reach the end of the stage. They cannot attack, and are very difficult to kill. Killing them will reward you with a seed. Gancheek are the only source of seeds other than Shookle in the all of
    Minigame5 4

    A Picheek

    Patapon 2. Gancheek appear only on days when there are sandstorms in the desert. Kimen the Spearbearer has a pet Gancheek.
  • Picheek - Appears only in the mission "Search For A Lucky Star" in Patapon 1 when it is not raining. It looks like a regular Kacheek until attacked, then becoming a bird-like creature that rams Patapons to attack them. Spits out a huge amount of Ka-ching, and occasional weapon, and Hoshipon when slain.


  • Mochichi- Black birds that when resting appear as a black ball with a tuft of feathers on top. If you get too close to them they will get up and run away. If you can kill them, they will drop a bone. They become meats after being brought back to Patapolis. In Patapon 3, they're one of the only huntable animals, along with the Motsitsi. They're only available at the Patapon Training Grounds.
  • Sandy paradise
    Momoti- A pink-striped Mochichi with different tail feathers. It's found in some hunting missions, mostly in plains, swamps and beaches. They are vulnerable to fire. They drop bones and turn into succulent meat upon returning to Patapolis. They can be found on the missions: "Creatures of the Sand", "Sandy Paradise" and "World of Ooze" in Patapon 1. In Patapon 2 they are found in the missions "Hunting on Tochira Beach", "Mushrooms in Nyokiri Swamp" and "Ewe and Bunnies at Bryun Snowfield".
  • Motsitsi- A very rare breed of Mochichi with golden spots and unique tail feathers. It inhabits the s


    wamp, fields and mountains. They're extremely skittish, detecting Patapons at a very long distance and fleeing for a long time when startled. Estimates indicate it only has 10 HP, but its immune to fire, thus it cannot be killed by grass fires. It drops rare bones or hides when slain, and provides Mystery Meat. It can be found in the missions "World of Ooze" and "Search for a Lucky Star" in Patapon 1. In Patapon 2 they are found in "Mist over Rocky Mountain" and "Ewe and Bunnies at Bryun Snowfield". In Patapon 3 they're found in "March and Jump Practice" (One of the only huntable animals in Patapon 3, along with the Motiti/Mochichi. It provides an extra key when killed).

Other Creatures

  • Rappata (Patapon 2)- An orange rabbit-like creature. Small, fast, uncommon, and hard to hit, they are found only in the Bryun Snowfields and rarely on Tochira Beach during sunny days. They do not attack and drop rare hides when killed.

    Rappata being hold by a Patapon

  • Babbato (Patapon 2) - Bat-like creatures found on Mount Gonrok. They're a small target, but have little health. They fly in the air and flee when Patapons are too close or when it is attacked. Babbatos drop hides, fangs or juices when killed. Yumipons are recommended to hunt them, because they will flee from Toripons. Babbatos appear on the level "Mist over Rocky Mountain". In Patapon 3, several of them are seen hanging on the ceiling of the Hideout.


  • Zubbato (Patapon 2)- A golden version of Babbato, also known as a Pipat. They are found only on Mount Gonrok. The first one you defeat drops a map leading to Darantula in the Dachara Ruins. Later, their drops are mostly the same as their white cousins.
  • Dobatto (Patapon 2) - A red Babbato. It can be found in the desert when there isn't a sandstorm (The Mystery of Smokestorms in the Desert).
  • Screen shot 2011-03-10 at 6.32.44 PM


    Uji - A black shark with red eyes that swims in the ground, devouring any Patapon in the way of its jumps. They are helpless when sifted out of the ground. They appear on Tochira Beach and in Nyokkiri Swamp, usually guarding a Wep totem in Patapon 2. They appear in the Greedy Mask Jungle in Patapon 3.
  • Pekkora (Patapon 2)- A sheep-like creature that is caring for its children. If the Patapons kill its offspring, Pekkora becomes angry, it's

eyes become purple, and a the beast becomes a large pair of jaws. It


In Rage

tries to hurt the Patapons, but dies quickly. Pekkora gives rare hides when slain, unless none of it's babies die with it (then it gives very rare hides). It drops a map when first killed. If the weather is foggy, you may be able to see Pekkorako inside it. The Pekkora appears only in the Bryun Snowfields, and is the beast refered to as the King of the Bryun Snowfields in the level's description.

  • Pekkorako (Patapon 2) - The Pekkorako are the helpless young of the Pekkora, but if the mother is killed, then they become impervious to attack and start crying. Killed Pekkorako drop Level 2-3 hides or Ka-Ching.

Unless you expect a dangerous animal to be on the loose, close-ranged combatants are terrible at hunting, because most animals run away. Yaripons, Yumipons, and Megapons are good for hunting. Toripons are good at hunting too, unless members of the Babbato family are in the stage. Babatto family animals flee from Toripons.


Animals that aren't in Patapon that were seen in the official Patapon website.


  • Several animals were featured on the official Patapon site, but never appeared in the game.
  • The Mochichi and the Parcheek are the only Huntable Animals that resemble more powerful bosses (Mochichichi and Cioking respectivley).

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