Defeat the barbarous Cyclops stalking the Field of Angry Giants! Observe his movements to anticipate his attacks. If used properly, the three commands of attack, defend, and march are sufficient to lead your forces to victory!
  — Mission Description 
Suggested: Lv2/ Reward: Iron Chest Lv2
Hunt the Cyclops Part Deux

Hunt the Cyclops: Part Deux

Cyclops snacks on patapons

Tips for Cyclops

This is a free version of the third mission at the Field of Angry Giants, a purple Mutant Cyclops with stronger attacks is present in the mission. In the mission, break through a line of rocks and you'll reach a Cyclops, simply destroy it, and break through another line of rocks, another Cyclops awaits. Once it's been destroyed, keep moving until you meet the mutant cyclops, it shouldn't be too much of a challenge though, proceed to reach the goal.


If your up for a challenge, you've found it, be sure to have high defenses, and strong Patapons. You will be faced with another new test: the mutant Cyclops, who is much stronger and bigger than a normal one, taking turns between running away, defending, and attacking is key here. Mutant Cyclops, even though stronger, also throws rarer chests, so as always, keep your eyes peeled, beware of his running slam attack! This level can also be used to farm stones and other ores.


Patapon 3 Battle 1-3. Field of Angry Giants

Patapon 3 Battle 1-3. Field of Angry Giants. Hunt the Cyclops Part Deux


  • Deux means Two   in French.